Sonnet on a Supermodel

Thou airbrushed beauty of saintly deeds
Winking glibly from the page
Desire, ardor, envy feeds
The mag a stand-in for a stage.

Your face adorns walls, billboards, ads
Dear features always saying “YES”
The whole world loves you, as it stands
Yet what you know we only guess.

The girl—you—walking down the road
Hair mussed, no makeup, a plain white tee
You step out the store with a heavy load
Then stop, and look; then you see me.

I see the warmth within your soul
It is the mark of someone whole.


Ode to Anna Karenina and Emma Bovary

O beauties two, amidst the crowds:
A dark-haired Russian woman fair
Her belle amie, French-tongued and blue
They both united by affairs.

Wildflower nosegays cheer empty rooms
French perfume lends its bouquet
Parasols in hand they stroll
Inexorable, towards a misty doom.

Frenchwoman’s ennui meets Russka’s toska
Though velvet purses brim with gold
Anna’s friends murmur, “Kto eta?” (“Who is she?”)
Emma’s don’t know and shan’t be told.

What two young hearts beat in accord
What bosoms, breathless, filled, engorged
With passion’s blood and ardor’s pain
Like Icarus, winging to the firmament.

Victoria sits a-throne in England near
Louis in France, Alex in Rus’
Their subjects hold court in stately dress
But what know ye of heartbreak’s duress?

Society, polite, is ever politic
A stern man’s word lays down the rule
Our ladies, scarlet, are wild beatific
Betray betrothed, betray thine souls
Thy dreams and eyes rest lofty, lo—

Thy wifely duties bind like shackles
The law doth not rest on thy side
Caught betwixt two coal-black poles
But not for thee the family life.

Women: reach beyond, transcend the skies
In cool moonlight or blazing sun
Though thee do crash to terra firm
Better still than sullied lies.
O Anne and Em, on the country path
Take in the air, take to the air
Thy gaze on far horizons ever
Twin lives lived once are immortal in death.


Maya Sokolovski is a communications specialist based in Toronto, Canada. She enjoys anything and everything to do with literature—reading, writing, editing, publishing, and design. When she’s not writing, she likes to practice yoga, watch films, cook experimental dishes, and sample new teas.

Featured Image: “Sibylla Palmifera,” by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

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