1st Place – $500

Josh Lefkowitz, “A Poem of Fact”

2nd Place – $250

Kathleen Hellen, “Everyday Halloween”

3rd Place – $150

Lorna Davis, “Buyer’s Remorse”

4th Place – $100

Alexandra Umlas, “Falun Gong”

5th Place– $75

A.R. Harmon, “Welcome Tree”


Honorable Mentions | Adult


George Ian Thomas, “Trina’s Eyes Made Me See”

Amber Shreves, “There is Strength in Falun Gong”

Allegra Jostad Silberstein, “For the Falun Gong of China”






1st Place – $100

Noah Hale, “To Faraway Friends”

2nd Place – $75

Angelique Clark, “The Calm Before the War”

3rd Place – $50

Kim Su Fowler, “For All That Love Is Worth”



Honorable Mentions | High School


Jessica Lecorchick, “Cloaked China”

Fiza Hasan, “The Abuse We Suffer”

Christina Knight, “The Story of Gao Rongrong”




Contest Judges


Evan Mantyk, President of The Society of Classical Poets

Adam Miller, FoFG Editor

(with additional helpful eyes from the FoFG Editorial Staff)


Note from the Editors: most of these poems were written by poets who just recently learned about Falun Gong and the persecution. While we recognize and commend these poems as voices of support, they do not represent Falun Gong itself or even the views of FoFG as an organization. For a genuine understanding of the practice, one would have to explore the teachings at their very source.



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