Peter G. Epps

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About Me

A small-town preacher’s kid who has travelled farther than he ever could have imagined, and is happier than he could have believed. Coming home to the Catholic church and to his loving wife are teaching him to dwell, to abide.

Writes poems. Teaches students. Loves his wife.

Reads by any light.

Personal site:

My Work

I have published four collections of my verse:
* The Clay Pot (2016)
* Going Home Words (2014)
* Unanswered Rhymes (2014)
* Depth Perception (2008)
(available at
In addition, the following poems have been published in various venues:
* “What Milton Saw.” [free verse] The Penwood Review Fall 2009.
* “Disclosure.” [free verse] Kent Keeth Poetry Prize. Baylor University. Spring 2009.
* “The Foreign Affair” & “To Have Boldly Gone.” [sonnets] The Penwood Review Fall 2007.
* “The Final Stroke.” [sonnet] The Penwood Review Spring 2002.
* “Meeting of the Minds.” [experimental verse] Reflections Spring 2001.
* “High Places.” [fourteener] The Penwood Review Spring 1999.
And, of course, I’ve had the honor of having a few pieces published here:

Favorite Poets and Poetry

Donne, Keats, Hopkins, Eliot, Herbert, Milton, Tennyson, both Brownings–but also Charlotte Smith, e.e. cummings, Edna St. Vincent Millay. Elizabeth Jennings and Peter Levi, Jack Clemo and Arthur Heath-Stubbs. I ended up with a Ph.D. in Religion & Literature Studies and a concentration in 19th Century British Poetry because I wanted to study the great poets in depth, rather than just swap drafts with my peers.