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The Society of Classical Poets invites poetry submissions for publication on our website and for consideration for printed publication in our annual anthology. Below are the three major characteristics for getting your poetry selected:

1) Poetry with form. Poetry should adhere to at least some of the rich forms left to us by millennia of great poets. Rhyme and meter are basics with more advanced forms following structures, like the fourteen-line sonnet. Free verse poems are generally not accepted. At the very least, the poetry should be metered. For more on poetry forms visit here.

2) Poetry with meaning. The best poetry has rich meaning and good character behind it. See our about us section for more about this.

3) Poetry that works. A good poem is like a good story or a good joke. It just works. People get it.

What to Include:

-The poem
-A brief bio, no longer than 100 words. For example: Joe Smith is a businessman and poet living in Manhattan, New York.
-Your contact information, including email and phone number.
-As needed, you can include a notes section to provide context or clarification for the poem. This should usually not be longer 100 words.

New English translations (not necessarily metered) of poetry, old or new, are welcomed for submission, as are new short stories, plays, and other creative writing that incorporate metered poetry.

Email poetry to

All poetry submitted for publication on the website of the Society of Classical Poets is automatically submitted to our annual poetry competition. If you do not want your submitted poetry considered, please indicate so on your submission.

Submit Art

1) You can submit art or photos with your poetry as long as the copyright is not held by someone else or it is in the public domain.

2) Or, you can simply submit standalone art or photos. The Society of Classical Poets also publishes new art and photos that similarly cherish the forms left by great artists of the past. These forms usually boil down to either folk art or what is considered today to be contemporary realism or representational art.

Email art to


(Featured image courtesy of waelder, via Wikimedia Commons)

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