Nothing to see here, they say each breath,
People starving, as they feed us to death,
Puppets on strings, all of us they bind,
Right from our birth they program our mind,

Who are they you ask, the unseen and silent,
Keeping us distracted, by making us violent,
Telling us everything, we may want or need,
Parasites of mankind, on us all they feed,

Masters of illusions, the world they create,
Is one where they control, even our fate,
Who are the cattle, and who are the sheep,
As they drug, manipulate, keep us asleep,

The balance is shifting, now is the time,
When the greedy are charged for every crime,
Darkness has reigned over man far to long,
It thinks it’s winning we’ll prove it wrong,

Love alone now shifts, humanities thinking,
World hearts united, collectively linking,
To simply live in peace is our only demand,
Where we share this world freely, understand,

What makes us different, makes us the same,
We’re people of peace, we come in loves name,
To share our wisdom, and sharing yours too,
Creating a better world by all that we do,

A world of peace is what mankind deserves,
As we cut away that which no longer serves,
The hunger for power will be first to go,
Followed by the greed, we’ve come to know,

One by one we will cut all of the strings,
No longer in pursuit of many petty things,
From those ashes, the Phoenix will rise,
A new species of man with awakened eyes.



Clayton has self published his first book of conscious poetry, Empathic Pastures and now eBook version.He often remarks how words can harm, or heal a spirit, and in his case, poetry saved his life. A simple poem posted on social media, caused 5 women to say he had value, worth and that life was worth living. Empathic pastures are the compilation of that journey from self destruction to resurrection and the steps in between. Its message’s intended to heal those lost in their own despair and say, love awaits you, and it gets better.

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