Grains of Time

Somewhere through the hour glass,
slip grains of time, eroding fast.
Past and present times collide,
revealing all truths hidden lies.
Ties that bond are held so dear,
but suddenly they disappear.
Fear not hidden, courage slides,
rocks back and forth, from side to side.
Wide the claustrophobic hole,
a slender grip with which we hold.
Tales breath life in far off lands,
vines array, entwine the hands.
Demands  and rage, sorrows swept,
beneath the rug, secrets are kept.
Winter creeps,  and snow invades,
The sun is high, pull down the shades.
Let it in, please shed some light,
on why we wait, while time slides by.


Set, Go

Unquenched, I thirst,
I cant pretend,
Though seldom ever starve my sin.
Im nothing, if not black and blue,
My temper short, my patience thin,
And though my trusting heart cant win,
Surrender is no friend.

Vile is my  search
for hydrogen,
Move the mountain, push the wind.
Toss the temple, beach the land
dry the well, approach the end.
Scale the walls, climbing rope again.
Everything, alien.

With blistered feet,
Walking on  hands,
Tattered, scattered, I barely stand.
Some may, easy, call it ugly,
Lacking, facts to comprehend.
There is no shame, no blame to lend,
Scratched the vinyl, around it spins,
Note of thanks, next of kin.

Deprived, and dry,
try to swallow,
Scooping out the pain to hollow.
Hardest fallen wins the prize,
Loud and clear, my name is hollered.
No time to dance,  time to wallow,
Lost, the time piece in the swallow.
Blank, the map I follow.

Standing, viewing,
Prepare  to start.
Chairs aligned, many rows, sit smart.
Winding trail through an audience.
Eyes of relief, silence remarks.
Sharp their teeth, I swim with sharks,
Upon my sleeve, I wear the marks.
Water cold, water stark.

Cold, the metal,
Tight in my grasp,
I’ve graduated first in class.
What it is you seek to know,
Take my advise and do not ask.
No reason, for to what I quest,
A shard of light, the answer, best.
On your marks, ready…

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