Petals in the Winter

Three petals on a lily like the snow were held aloft
And though the wind through window whipped it so just one fell off
Two petals on that lily blue lamented on the sill
But through and through
Though grief be true
It grew that flower still
Now underground
For dirt abounds
As earthly laws obey
One petal paused
A worthy cause
In winter winds two petals sway


Where Have All My Sheep Gone?

Sheep must creep
For sleep won’t come
My poems weep
My eyes are numb
I try to thumb
Through hum and drum
But thoughts then scratch like sheets and crumbs


Idle Hands

My fingers hate
What they cannot create
My palms await good fortunes
Like lines in a book
Or bread on a hook
They cast and reel in portions
Just a phrase or a word
Be it blasé or absurd
It engulfs, inspires and redefines
Oh the havoc that’s caused
By hands that are paused
When they work they create the divine


Zachary Dilks is a writer currently residing just outside of Austin, Texas. A toolmaker by trade and a poet by heart, he began pursuing his passion for writing at age 17.

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