In a secluded forest glade,
Where sunlight shines and shadows fade,
The faeries come to dance and play
Upon a bright warm summer’s day.
Light are their footsteps, quick their feet
On shimmering wings, they do fleet.
Throughout the glade, clear voices ring;
The songs of faerie folk they sing.
Among them is the Faerie Queen,
Her beauty unlike what humans ’ve seen.
Dew drops like diamonds in her hair,
Reflecting sunlight through the air.
They’re making sure the glade’s all well,
Each laugh is like a tinkling bell.
To nature bound, they live as one,
And thrive beneath the summer sun.
As dusk arrives, the sun sinks low,
To sleep in flower beds they go,
For soon as dawn brings a new day
The faeries again come out to play.


Wandi Zhu is a high school student at Fei Tian Academy of the Arts, in New York.

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4 Responses

  1. Dona Fox

    This poem is an absolute delight. The imagery is vivid and it’s also a joy to read aloud.

  2. David Hollywood

    Lovely poetry. Just as I would read to my children, and with very pleasant imagery and pace.


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