Lately a feeling’s been making me twitch,
The Creator in me has too long sat bewitched.
Too idle He sits, and He longs to express,
some insightful new thought that he does not possess.

I should be very pleased that He’s been so subdued,
that he’s given me peace to get done what I do.
And I’ve been quite successful at doing my thing
when He’s not been around to discomfiture bring.

But now He is back, and He’s back with full force
and though He slows me down, it is not for the worse.
For what is productive, at the root of the word?
Its meaning eludes me, as it would a bird.

What do we all work for when we busy about,
and produce nothing more than new troubles and doubts?
New cares for tomorrow, new points on the list
shattering peace with a fidgety fist.

But when He comes a-nagging, away goes my list
and productive behavior does a 180 twist.
Back to the root of this monotonous word,
I will truly produce something new for the herd.

And they may reject it, or they might enjoy
but at least my Creator gets his fill of joy.
And though I will suffer for neglect of my list
productivity’s one thing I will not have missed.

In fact its the thing I will truly achieve
For only creation can satisfy need,
can satisfy lust to produce or consume
can break through the hovering everyday gloom.

In life many feel like there’s lack of control
like we’re not the true masters over mind, body, soul.
And our domain may not reach far past our own home
but at least I’m Creator, I’m God, of this poem.


The Mushroom and The Stump

Any city dweller sees
Symbolic meaning in the trees
But only forest people know
The value of all things that grow
The things that in the forest thrive
Depend on bonds to stay alive

The soils, the moss, the ferns and trees
Support the birds, the bugs, the bees
And when the fires and the rain
Pass through the west coast woods again
A new love follows in their wake
Withstanding any coastal quake

The force of nature cannot trump
The mushroom allied with its stump
They form a synergetic base
That keeps them solidly in place
The depth of this connection stays
A mystery to the common gaze

Yet both from this connection glean
A vibrance that can now be seen
And all the other living things
Thrive off the energy it brings
For it has laid a new foundation
And at a higher elevation

Life that near them has begun
Can now be closer to the sun


Rita Dubman is a young geologist intent on pursuing her passion for creative writing. She is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. This is her first publication.

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8 Responses

  1. Satyananda Sarangi

    Hello Rita 🙂

    Both the poems are lovely. Wish to read more from you.

    Best wishes.

  2. David Watt

    I also look forward to seeing more of your insightful work. My personal favorite is ‘The Mushroom and The Stump’ as it obviously stems from your affinity with Nature.

  3. Rita Dubman

    Thanks for your support, everyone! The Mushroom and The Stump I wrote as my sister’s wedding poem. It was inspired by her and my brother-in-law’s shared passion for ecology, and is a metaphor for their connection. It made a great wedding toast!………..stay tuned for my poetry blog to go live later this month.

  4. J. Simon Harris

    Very nice work. I especially like “The Mushroom and the Stump”, and I’m sure your sister must have been very moved by it. Hope to hear more from you. Please let us know when your blog is online.

    J. Simon Harris

  5. David Hollywood

    Wonderful reflective philosophy in ‘Productivity’ and superb liveliness in ‘The Mushroom and the Stump’ allied to great rhythm and different styles of pace in both. Well done and thank you.


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