Simple Contrivance

So simple – yet divine! Such is contrivance of the pen
The hollow spine of ink is light like bones of flitting wren
So simple – yet divine! Indeed, no sword could strike so true
As every drop of ink – and the words that gush right through

So humble – yet with honour! The deeds that pens have done
Atrocities were brought to light, laid bare under the sun
So humble – yet with honour! The lives that pens have touched
A moving quake that sprang from pages sweating hands did clutch

So common – yet unique! Reserved for none but human hand
No other creature could it wield so deftly in this land
So common – yet unique! Because among us even here
No two of us would wield the same, the tool we hold so dear


To See Darkness from the Fire

Terror does itself inspire
Do not let it chill so simply
Huddle, children, ‘round the fire

Nations we from here admire
Falter – but unbothered, we
Terror must not us inspire

(Some of ours have left the fire
Gone to join the monsters – really!
Closer, children, guard our fire)

Neighbours’ love that turns to ire
Then to fear then hatred, swiftly
Terror does itself inspire

Hate’s replies of violence mire
Us in vicious cycle, see?
Huddle, children, ‘round the fire

Even here, do not retire
Shadows could spell doom, spread briskly
Terror does itself inspire

Knowing still our gentle pyre
Love, compassion learnt last cent’ry
Huddle, children, round this fire

Our own peace – yet to expire
But erode it does, so quickly
Terror does itself inspire
– so huddle, children, ‘round the fire

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8 Responses

    • Ruey Fern Tan

      Thank you so much for the kind words! I just got into classical poetry in my final year of secondary school and am eager to learn. If it’s not too much trouble, could you offer some suggestions on how to improve my work?

    • Ruey Fern Tan

      I’m glad to hear you think so. As a newbie, I’m eager to improve my work, so it would be very much appreciated if you could offer some suggestions on how to do so. Thanks in advance.

    • Ruey Fern Tan

      I’m happy you think so! I just started writing classical poetry this year, so it would be much appreciated if you could point out any areas on which I could improve. Thanks in advance.


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