Theseus Amazed

Around corners through archway and gate
Sensing forever the enemy’s mind
Poised to avenge the innocents’ fate
But a mirror was all I did find.


The Adept

A handful of pollen flung into the light
A time and a space and sun and night …
An interesting journey, but hardship galore
A clear perception of wrong and of right
A host of beautiful things to adore
And in the end to be all this… and more!



Manfred von Pentz began his career in advertising and the graphic arts. In the 70s and 80s he developed touristic condominiums in Spain, then retired to Italy and started to paint and to write. He has published a novel The Crimson Goddess. His paintings are available as posters.


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  1. C.B. Anderson

    These were just ok. At the end of the day, as cute as they were, I don’t think you nailed anything down.


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