The Society of Classical Poets, a New York-based 501(c)(3) non-profit with Members across the nation and around the world, wishes a happy birthday to the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump (born June 14, 1946).


The 45th Pen

by Rod Walford

In the land of the free and the home of the brave
Morality waned like a vanishing wave
As protocols swarmed in a moral decline
With God relegated behind the touchline.

A rich man was watching and felt close to tears
And yielded his cosy retirement years
To loosen the chains of corruption that bound
And strangled the pulse around which they were wound.

The media mocked him and laughed in his face
Celebrities called him a perfect disgrace
But old politicians began to be wary
If he were successful then he would be scary!

Successful he was and the world was in shock
The naysayers bleated like lambs in a flock
They whinged and they whined and they kicked up a stink
But the Lion cares little for what the sheep think.

A Bible now sits in the White House again
And fast flows the ink of the forty-fifth pen,
The Democrats try but they can’t break the wall—
In fact they have made little progress at all.

The media squirm whilst they misrepresent
But he tells them straight they are phony and bent;
He stands for the truth and as time will attest
He may have his faults but for most he’s the best!


Rod Walford is an Englishman living in Auckland, New Zealand and has been writing poetry for some 25 years. He is a semi-retired diesel fuel injection engineer. He has self-published several books of rhyming poetry including “Timeless,” “Real Poetry for Real Women (written by a man),” and “One Hour before the Dawn.” Access his website here:


Trump’s Masterstroke

by Leo Zoutewelle

I slowly closed my eyes with weariness.
The opposition opened yet anew
Another front of utter dreariness,
Another evil act out of the blue.

For they are not the kind of men to ease
Their efforts to defeat the only man
Who’s strong enough with ridicule and tease
To utterly and wholly stop their plan.

But could it really be this time around
That those who love to think that they’re in charge
Will find their evil plans all failure-bound,
Shot well out of the water by and large?

Will he with unexpected masterstroke
A total turn to victory invoke?

Leo Zoutewelle was born in 1935 in The Netherlands and was raised there until at age twenty he emigrated to the United States.  After retiring in 2012  he has written an autobiography and two novels (unpublished).



A Sonnet on the Patriotic and Benevolent President of America, Donald John Trump

by Sarban Bhattacharya

You are the harbinger of harmony,
In these tough times we supplicate to thee:
“Please save us from this hidden enemy,”
Our mighty friend of highest pedigree.

You have been sent incarnate by our Lord,
To come and help redeem mankind this time
Like Jesus whom mankind has long adored;
Your advent made auspicious church-bells chime.

You promised us to punish evil powers,
Satanic knaves of cursèd Wuhan’s lab.
The world’s sole star, the chosen king of ours,
May you protect us from a commie stab.

Let nasty hypocrites deride your way;
Your truthful voice reduces them to clay.


Sarban Bhattacharya is a 22-year-old poet and classicist, currently pursuing a master’s degree in English literature at the University of Calcutta.


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18 Responses

  1. Joseph S. Salemi

    You can measure the greatness of President Trump by looking at the loathsome vermin who oppose him. God bless him, and strengthen his power!

    • C.B. Anderson

      Amen, Brother Joseph, and let’s hope the vermin forget to vote, because there’s a hell of a lot of them.

    • Sarban Bhattacharya

      You are absolutely right, Mr. Joseph S. Salemi. We believe in the charisma of President Trump, and hopefully he will again prove all the Democrat-backed pre-election polls, and turn out victorious at the end as he did in 2016. It was a day which observed the victory of righteousness over liberal conspiracies and atheism. It was a day which ended that eight-year-long regime, and brought a new dawn of morality and ethics, breaking the shackles of false liberalism.

  2. Mike Bryant

    I am so proud to be a part of a site that backs President Trump with these three amazing tributes. I’m proud that I voted for Trump and I will again in November.
    I wonder how many votes Trump received because Hillary called half the country “deplorables”. I hope that we won’t make even one voter go Democrat because we are calling half the Country “vermin”.
    Every one of has friends or family who have not been enlightened yet. Are they all “vermin”? No they are people we love and we are hoping will see the truth. Many have already seen what is happening and have decided to Vote Trump.
    I hope we are smarter than Hillary.

    • C.B. Anderson

      Sure, Mike. But don’t think that everyone else shoots or thinks as straight as a typical Texan. In fact, I have in-laws living in Texas who are lifelong Democrats, and I can’t account for the millions of other fools that live in many other states. Is “fools” a trigger word? I don’t know. You are one of the most conciliatory persons I have ever heard from, and perhaps the both of us ought to moderate our stances. Some people ask, what would Jesus do? Others ask, what would Clint Eastwood do? The rest of us just do what we do.

      • Joe Tessitore

        Now that we’ve reached “systemic racism” from the actions of one bad cop, we’re told that the only way to solve it is to tear the system down. The anarchistic left is interested in nothing less, let alone compromise, and least of all polite conversation.
        This is war and they must be defeated – for me it’s as simple as that.
        There was a time when I would object to “vermin” and “fool”. The anarchistic left, for whom nothing is out of bounds, has taught me otherwise.

        Our founders won the Revolution by not allowing the enemy to define the terms of engagement.
        It’s our time now to think and fight outside of the box.

      • Mike Bryant

        Joe T,
        I agree with every word you say. And aren’t these poems marvelous? We are at war, but not with our families and friends… there are many who have been and are being brought to sanity. Those who might still vote for Trump must not be insulted but educated. The gentleman that started the Walkaway movement was attracted to the kindness, generosity and sanity of Trump supporters. We must stand together in those values that have brought us so far. Insults won’t win. Bringing every person you know to the ballot box will.

      • Joe Tessitore

        There’s a world of difference between an insult and an accurate description.
        When Jesus called the Pharisees “hypocrites” He wasn’t insulting them – He was telling them who they were.

      • Mike Bryant

        Joe T,
        Again, I agree. However, Jesus was not calling every single Jew a hypocrite. He was educating them. And He was using the truth, the Pharisees were hypocrites. I have a feeling He would not have called them any kind of rodent because He told the truth. Hillary made a sweeping generalization about Trump voters that may have cost her the election. Jesus never made that mistake because He not only tells the Truth, He is the Truth,

      • Joe Tessitore

        I am surrounded by people who will vote for the demented leader of an organized crime family who molests women, and who would happily beat me to a pulp for suggesting they reconsider.
        These same people deny their parents the right to see their grandchildren because they have the audacity to think for themselves.
        What is the truth about them?
        “Vermin” and “fool” begin to sound generous.

        Granted that I do live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, far behind enemy lines.

      • Joe Tessitore

        I stand my ground.
        What else would I call a citizenry that refuses to re-elect the most successful President in modern history, and instead elects a demented criminal?

      • Mike Bryant

        Is the election already over? Even when Jesus was dying He still did not give up and He still did not insult anyone. It’s funny that He saved the thief that was next to Him at the last minute. I say funny because it seems that He saved 50% of His audience. We’re talking to about the same percentage and they are watching us. I have a feeling that if Jesus was slating the Centurions, that thief would not have recognized that Jesus was the Savior. Education is still the key and it is happening on sites like Whatfinger and this site. I’m sure you know that we have a link on Whatfinger most days and people from both sides are reading the poetry and comments here. If you aren’t reading Whatfinger, you owe it to yourself to take a look.
        Many of those who are on the wrong side can be saved. Many of them are too busy working and so are falling for the MSM propaganda. That’s where we come in. The poetry here is powerful. The comments are powerful too. Trump’s campaign has been amazing and most polls are fake. We’re winning.

    • Joseph S. Salemi

      Dear Mike —

      If you want to bring religion into the question, remember Matthew 12:34 (and parallel texts in the Synoptic gospels) where Jesus speaks of the Pharisees and the Sadducees as “You brood of vipers.” That’s just another way to say “vermin.” And He adds that nothing good can come out of them.

      Like Joe Tessitore, I live in New York City. The hatred of President Trump that exists here is PATHOLOGICAL and INOPERABLE. You cannot talk to these people, much less argue with them.

      • Mike Bryant

        Joe S,
        I know many of those people here in Texas. And those people should be called down as we both have. What I’m saying is that I don’t think it’s very smart to call half the country the same words that I’d rightly call the leadership. Especially now when so many are starting to see the truth. If I’m not mistaken, the founder of Walkaway is from your neck of the woods. There are still some that we are reaching.

      • Joe Tessitore

        And in John He speaks of “the children of the evil one … “, who would put you and your wife in a re-education camp quicker than she can write a couplet.
        We can strive to love them, but it doesn’t change who they are.

      • Mike Bryant

        Joe T,
        We are on the same page.
        However, Susan can write a couplet in nanoseconds and I’m sure it would take them at least ten or fifteen minutes to put us in that re-education camp! 🙂

  3. Russel Winick

    Thanks for all three of today’s fine poems. Mr. Walford’s was a particular delight – again!

  4. Margaret Coats


    Determination fires his courage, red
    As life-blood ever bright, to speak with white
    Straightforward honesty about our blue
    Sky’s call to heaven’s truth, that clearest blue
    Seen best when scowling storm clouds fade.
    Strong red
    His love of country, flowing just as white
    Diffracts to splendid hues, for savvy white,
    The dawn of day’s full brilliance, joins the blue
    Of freedom’s joy to sacrificial red
    In one born on this day red, white, and blue.


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