Red Skies

by Usa W. Celebride

Along th’ Atlantic Ocean and around the grand Great Lakes,
on the horizon one can see the bright, blue water quakes.
It’s after the election, looking east, one sees red skies;
the Democrats are working overtime before our eyes.
One-sided ballots have been dropped within our very view;
in Michigan, Wisconsin, and in Pennsylvania too.
In Georgia and North Carolina, what is going on?
Are dumps of ballots suddenly appearing in the dawn?
But fortunately, high-tech media will do their best
to keep all voter fraud occurring… off the Internet!



A Long, Dark Winter

“Freedom is the possession of those who have the courage to defend it.” —Pericles

by Usa W. Celebride

A long, dark winter comes to people who have little hope.
Its scope is vast. They must put on their heavy coats to cope.
The banners of dishonesty are flapping in the wind.
Corruption roars across the land. Truth flags within its din.
A long, dark winter casts its shadow over freedom’s home;
democracy dies in the darkness underneath its dome.
It rages on and lays a plague, as in the days of old.
It lies upon the honoured and the good with bitter cold.
A long, dark winter fast approaches, bringing misery,
to millions all across the globe. Why must this blizzard be?



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30 Responses

  1. Joseph S. Salemi

    The Democrat Party will do anything and everything in its power to steal this election. They are conscienceless scumbags. And their whores-on-retainer in Mainstream Media and Silicon Valley will loyally support them in the effort.

    • BDW

      Mr. Salemi is right. The election of Trump is being stolen right before our eyes.

    • C.B. Anderson

      “Scumbags,” Joseph, is too kind a term for these miscreant idolaters.

      • BDW

        Mr. Anderson’s point is well taken. These are actual crimes taking place before our eyes. These people are criminals.

  2. Margaret Coats

    Opportunities for fraud have never been greater. Thanks for bringing this up immediately. Red sky at morning; all hands take warning.

    • BDW

      Ms. Coats is correct about voter fraud. The Democrats are stealing the election. The actual title of this poem is “Red Skies in the Morning”. Ms. Coats has identified “sailors warning”.

    • BDW

      O, I so wish it weren’t so too, Yael; but a major party is actually trying to change the outcome of this election with ballot dumping. This is absolutely unacceptable.

  3. Joe Tessitore

    The President tweeted that Biden didn’t take a state without the assistance of voter fraud.

    Send money to his legal defense fund if you can, and go to the White House website to express your support.

    • BDW

      The problem is the high-tech oligarchs are censoring the President, Republicans, and voter fraud sites. In the high-tech tyranny, as we have been for some time, we are losing free speech.

  4. Joe Tessitore

    And if your family and friends haven’t gone over to the dark side, mobilize them as well.

    It’s time to fight back, and it’s now or never.

    • BDW

      In reference to Mr. Teesatore’s call to action, the epigraph of Pericles is an excellent historical reminder if America gives in to the “long dark winter” Mr. Biden spoke of.

  5. C.B. Anderson

    No one should be surprised about the depths to which the Democheats are willing to sink in order to gain or maintain power. Really, they should change their name to the Demonic Party.

    • BDW

      Mr. Anderson’s suggestion has been quite useful, and has been utilized in a slightly different form, which may be included here after publication elsewhere.

  6. Talbot

    Just to combat the echo chamber effect here, there is no credible proof of voter fraud. If there is, I would love to see it.

    Even the Heritage Foundation (a conservative organization), which has been analyzing mail-in ballots for decades, has found only roughly 1,300 cases of voter fraud (out of hundreds of millions). And most of those voting illegally have had charges pressed against them, and rightly so.

    Heck, even now we have prominent Fox News anchors and respectable Republicans putting country before president (also rightly so), calling out the absurdity of these claims. This isn’t even a partisan issue, now.

    • Joseph S. Salemi

      Talbot, you’re a jackass.

      And so are those RINO Republican weenies that you’re hiding behind.

      • BDW

        From the desk of Brice U. Lawseed:
        As one of Postmodernist and New Millennial America’s better poets, Mr. Salemi has vigourously argued against the biases of corporate media, WaPo, the NY Times, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, etc. He has consistently shown how the bull shit they shovel is not objective at all. What is exciting is the public knows this and is becoming better informed due to alternate media.

        This has been going on for decades, and many have fought against it, like Don Quixotes tilting at windmills—absolutely unsuccessful, even to get published. Now, due to New Media, like Breitbart, the American people can see the lies of the High-Tech Oligarchs and their propaganda machines. In the 1960s, we all knew of the corruption of the Chicago Democratic machine, and even before then in American history, New York City corruption; but now corruption is being exposed in lots of other places. We now know of the corruption in places, like Philadelphia, Detroit and Atlanta. I always thought Wisconsin and Minnesota, next to Mr. Hook’s Iowa, were admirable states, because they were not know for vote dumping. Wow, New Media is definitely putting that to rest.
        Even in Texas voter fraud occurred in this election. We don’t yet know the depths of the corruption; but that is definitely the Obama-Biden-Clinton stretch of the country. Drop to Washington DC and further, and one has the worst part of the Swamp, but definitely not all of it.

        As an anecdote, I remember William Reger, a man who best represented the liberal attitudes of Thoreau, feeling he had to flee Philadelphia around 1980. Little did I know then what I know now.

        Due to Trump’s abrasive character, one could see he might not be elected; but, if it is due to voter fraud, that is an entirely different scenario. Whatever the case, I am thankful for New Media in the New Millennium.

    • Mike Bryant

      The courts will decide, not news anchors, not never Trumpers, and not any poet on this site or any other.

      • BDW

        I very much appreciate Mr. Bryant’s politically inspired posts; and yet poets must continue to face, as they have always had to, the kangaroo courts of public opinion in their times. In fact, poetry often is at its best when it does just that. Think of Aristophanes “The Clouds”, the satire of Lucilius, Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, the comedies of Molière, the irony of Swift, etc.

      • BDW

        Unfortunately some of the courts are as corrupt are Democrat-run urban centers, like Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Phoenix, etc.

    • Evan Mantyk

      Dear Talbot,

      From the perspective of plain reason and putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, if there is a common practice of voter fraud perpetrated by either side then the time for action and alarm after an election is immediate, necessarily without indisputable evidence or proof in hand because such evidence would have to be obtained later on.

      During the primaries earlier this year I received two voter ballots for the previous owners of my house. I could have easily mailed those in. The system implemented this year very obviously has huge holes and potential for corruption.

      Some incomplete evidence:

      • Talbot

        Dear Evan,

        I am certainly not saying that there is *no* evidence of voter fraud (I already admitted there have been several thousand cases in past elections), I am just questioning the assumption that it is wide-scale, led by a political party (only one, at that), or that such a necessarily-enormous operation slipped under the radar. Again, if we have evidence of it, we should bring the full force of the justice system against it; I just don’t think we have the requisite evidence. One instance here or there is worrisome, but not indicative of “stealing an election”. Of course, we won’t know the true scale until long after this November, most likely. But as the inauguration is months away, perhaps we’ll be in the clear by then. (Fingers crossed.)

        In your individual case, wherein you received multiple ballots, I feel (and perhaps this is a naïve trust in our election apparatus) that things would’ve been sorted out later. We have background analyses for signatures, ballot checks, and voter list cross-checks in place for just such things. Are these measures perfect? Probably not. Do they permit of widespread voter fraud? Again, I don’t think the current evidence bears that out.

        Where we would both agree, however, is in saying that we still have a long way to go in perfecting our election (and election verification) process. Like everyone here, I want the best system possible, and one that ensures – and enshrines – the sanctity of the Vote.

      • BDW

        Mr. Mantyk’s example of potential voter fraud is just one among how many? Why also were two ballots sent? Why to someone who isn’t there? How great is the possible voter fraud in New York outside New York City?

  7. BDW

    “Possessed and led by Learning’s search…”
    —Talbot Hook

    The only line about “voter fraud” in the tennos is absolutely true: “high tech media will do their best to keep all voter fraud occurring…off the Internet”. Of course, its tone drips with irony. Take, as just one example, GoFundMe, which has nuked the donation page for the voter fraud investigation. The High-Tech Oligarchs and their propaganda machines are censoring Americans.

    As he says, Mr. Hook cares about the country, the United States of America, and I suspect its constitution and its laws as well. Does he support investigations into voter fraud in the 2020 election and 1st Amendment violations happening across the Internet? If not, his criticism of poetry written on topics, like voter fraud, would be attempts at censorship and not poetic analysis; and would, in deed, seem more like “castles in our heads” as opposed to “realities in our lives”.

    A note from Wilbur Dee Case:
    “Castles in Our Heads” was an excellent attempt at poetic meditation using the ballad form. Though diffuse or meandering, as Mr. Anderson suggested, I thought its ten stanzas showed great potential. I did agree with Mr. Salemi on the use of “tis”, as I prefer poetry that is actively modern as opposed to affectedly antiquated; but I support the use of colloquial elision, like mem’ry, if it is natural and genuine. But most importantly, I found Ms. Coats’ observations on the poem, as Mr. Anderson noted as well, “brilliant”. Critically, her acuity occasionally is one of the most exciting things now found @SCP.

    • Talbot

      Dear BDW,

      I was less attacking the content of the poems (which, concerning the barbs toward the technologists, I am fairly sympathetic to) than the comments which followed. Of course I worry about the creeping spread of, increasingly, morality-uncoupled technologies into society.

      Though this should go without saying, I do care about country, Constitution, and the rule of law. I welcome any and all calls for investigations that people would like to bring forward; while I do not think that they are always merited, of course they deserve the attention of the courts. I would never dream of censoring anyone’s speech; but so too will I never fail to ask for evidence where I deem appropriate. This is a terribly fraught issue, and tempers are running high, but even so, we should be calm and collected (in praise and in criticism) as regards our institutions.

      And I do sincerely thank you for your words about “Castles”. I find the observations and critiques of the SCP invaluable.

      • Joseph S. Salemi

        Why don’t you tell us whom you voted for, Mr. Talbot, and which political party you support? Then we might have a genuine context for your virtue-signaling remarks.

        If you reply “I have the right to keep my vote secret, since I cast a secret ballot,” that will also give us some information.

  8. BDW

    Twitter and Facebook are suspending anyone who retweets the tweet on Benford’s Law that
    shows the implausibility of Biden’s vote distribution in Michigan.

    They are actually censoring mathematical laws. What in the hell is going on in this country? How can a civilized society flourish
    without freedom of speech and thought?

  9. BDW

    Sorry for the typo: Bedford’s Law.

    Bedford’s Law
    by Euclidrew Base

    There are a lot of number things that Bedford’s Law suggests:
    like frequency of the first digits of a data set,
    as well as distributions of the second and the third,
    and number combinations that may verge on the absurd.
    So it is very strange that Twitter wants to banish it.
    Is Bedford’s Law so frightening they need to vanish it?
    And why is Facebook censoring all mention of the law
    relating to the possibility of voter fraud?
    There couldn’t be a ballot dump, could there? in Michigan?
    Detroit should not fear Bedford’s Law. Pray tell, why banish it?

    • BDW

      No, Mr. Wise, you were right the first time. It is Benford’s Law; and the data the Democrats offered in Atlanta. Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Phoenix and Las Vegas is false, as fake as that of any banana republic, like Cuba or Venezuela. Joe Biden’s election is a lie.


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