A Word of Advice to Joe Biden, Mitch McConnell, John Roberts, and many others


__The CCP must fall.
__The CCP must fall.

Behind them all,
Like Clintons, Maddows,
Also in the shadows,
Like McConnell’s wife from Taiwan,
Helping Mitch to put his tie on;
She has ties quite cozy to the tyrant Jiang Zemin…
That party toad who wears a grin.

__The CCP must fall.
__The CCP must fall.

Where has the gall
Of warriors gone now?
Swapped with fawns who kowtow
In compliance with discourse
That rides the U.N.’s hobbyhorse—
The bureaucratic, human rights joke which is China-owned…
And for malfeasance has been honed.

__The CCP must fall.
__The CCP must fall.

Now drowns the call
For common sense
When “news” accepts pretense
As fact to pressure Justice Roberts
Into justifying robbers
While his self-delusion makes him think he’s rather fair…
The commies thank him for his care.

__The CCP must fall.
__The CCP must fall.

Joe Biden’s tall
Above the others
Till he kneels and smothers
Kisses on the Chairman’s hand
Behind a veil that blinds the land
From how his druggie son collects each of their handsome cuts…
Great globalists—or sordid sluts?

__The CCP must fall.
__The CCP must fall.

And when the wall
Of Beijing crumbles,
Wall Street also tumbles,
D.C.’s deep state is deposed,
The Pearly Gates of Life are closed,
So do not count yourself among the help for communists…
From Heaven’s judgment, none resists.

__The CCP must fall.
__The CCP must fall…



Evan Mantyk teaches literature and history in New York and is President of The Society of Classical Poets.

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21 Responses

  1. Sarban Bhattacharya

    I am hopeful , as President Trump said before his departure, ‘ We will be back in some form’. I too believe that. The storm may appear late. But it will come for certain. The struggle between the good and the evil must end, with the good winning at the end of the day. The Resurrection is inevitable.

    • Evan Mantyk

      Thank you, Sarban. I am reminded of Julius Caesar who was assassinated before being crowned, but his nephew and adopted son Octavius returned 17 years later to be crowned as the first Roman emperor. There is a touch of that inevitability in all of this, though I will not wager here how much.

  2. Dick Lackman

    President Trump was the first world leader to accurately identify the CCP for what it is; a harsh and relentless totalitarian state with no moral compass. I hope for my children that America will survive this challenge. I enjoyed the art in Evan’s poem.

    • Evan Mantyk

      Thank you, Dick! I’ll repost a message I made on Facebook here:

      Let’s be clear: President Trump has taken on the Chinese Communist Party like no other president. They have been weak. He has been strong. He has stood up to their unfair trade practices, to the infiltration of various sectors of our society (including Hollywood, college campuses, Wall Street, etc.) and, MOST TELLINGLY AND IMPORTANTLY, to the absolutely unacceptable and irrefutably disgusting desecration of basic, God-given human rights of innocent people, including Hong Kong democracy activists, Falun Gong practitioners who have their organs ripped out for pay, covid whistle blowers, human rights lawyers, Christians, Catholics, Tibetans, Uighers, and many many other groups. THANK YOU DONALD J. TRUMP. MAY GOD BLESS YOU!!! YOU ARE A HERO.

  3. Damian Robin

    Thanks Evan with your sing-song rhythm showing us that they are bidden, the ones Corrupted by the Vile, the ones who’ve glugged the poison vial, who’ll fall before High Heaven’s Way – the bad go down in disarray – that good prevails no matter how, each lost one wails – that all succumb to Kingdom Come, no matter what their Power on Earth, that only God can measure worth.

    … I like the cautionary statement you put out to general reader in the last two lines, and last stanza generally
    … and the ‘all’ rhyme threaded through the whole poem at top and bottom of each stanza
    … and some slant rhymes to pull the poem out of any rigidity
    … another good sortie from behind the editor barricade that must get hard to see over some days with the volume of submissions that come in …

    Thanks again.

    • Evan Mantyk

      Thank you, Damian, for your poetic reply. You have essentially reproduced the ending that I originally wrote, but I could tell that I had forced it and that this poem was not going to have a very bright ending. It is a cautionary tale.

  4. Show me

    I think it’s more of a lament than anything, a fantasy. I don’t expect the Chinese Communist Party to fall at all. It’s firmly entrenched with all the apparatus, secret police, surveillance, overwhelming electronic surveillance, total control of the military and civilian country, overwhelming control of the economy. Social credit network in place.
    Expanding economy, expanding economic and cultural ties all over the world.
    Total control of the media with complete censorship.
    Police powers to the party.
    And the Chinese Communist Party is investing extremely heavily in science and technology and plans to be the world leader in Artificial Intelligence.

    • C.B. Anderson

      It’s probably even worse than you think, and right now we’ve got nothing but Slow Joe to counter it.

      • Damian Robin

        This should go after Kip’s “I’m waiting, but I’m not holding my breath.” But there was no room down there.

        If we believe Lives flourish after death,
        That Souls persist in perpetuity,
        It’s right that we not hold our bulging breath
        For suicide blots immortality.

        If we believe a He forgives and saves
        In ways no human sense could dare to know,
        That miracles conceal how he behaves,
        That He can flip the might of High and Low,

        Why should He not come down to visit us
        In gleaming chariot and livery,
        Or clanging chaos, course and ominous,
        For He will choose our ends’ delivery ?

        Why should He not drop everything on us (with kitchen sink)
        Or re-assign all life-times’ records in invisible ink?

  5. Bill Fangio

    Western civilization is the heir to Christianity. In the West it was generally believed that man was created in the image of God and that gave the individual worth elevating him over the State and releasing all of the productivity, prosperity, and liberty. Otherwise the State is elevated over the individual and there is slavery. The real divide in our nation is theism vs atheism. I was having a drink with my boss Bob Johnston a WWII B26 bomber pilot, at the Top of the Mark is San Francisco in 1962. He casually remarked that he was there in 1943 when two sailors threw a table out the window and that they could lick the whole world and they knew it. But by this time in 1962 the bumper sticker read, “Better red than dead”. We were already trending away. I asked Bob what the problem was with the world. His reply – Half the world is trying to tell the other half what to do..

    The forces of evil have arrayed themselves against the American people and the Creator and Ruler of the universe. And they have taken the seats of power in America. They willingly forget that God rules in the affairs of men and “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God”.

    Best, Bill

  6. James Sale

    Thanks for this Evan. Aside from my agreement with much for your contention here, I also liked some of your poetical flourishes: the Justice Roberts/ robbers was particularly good, bringing home a terrible and disturbing fact, as justice is disrupted.

    • Evan Mantyk

      In fact, my mind is always turning and toiling with Trump-Caesar comparison and before the election while the riots were raging and voter fraud, via mail-in voting and improper voter ID laws, was unfolding I thought it would be the perfect time for Trump-McConnell-Roberts to form a triumvirate of extra-constitutional power representing the three branches of the government. This last turn of events though has revealed where these other two are really coming from. Terrible and disturbing indeed.

  7. David Watt

    Thanks Evan for laying out the unfortunate facts in rhythm and rhyme.
    I believe that evil empires must eventually fall, as they always have through the course of history. However, this empire may yet consume many more lives before its flame is snuffed out.

  8. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    A bold, mellifluous, poetic statement that packs one powerful punch. Thank you for these enlightening words. Sometimes we miss the bigger picture and I hope the Western world now sees the CCP for who they are and what they stand for… we should all be aware of what atrocities could occur if we don’t stand up for our freedoms. Thank you, Evan!

  9. Janice Nowicki

    Beautifully written, this guttural truth. Thank you for sharing. I agree that we need another Independent! Sad that our 1st President was also our only Independent! I wish Trump had run as such.


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