The Senior Covid Blues

I have read many articles
about the virus particles
that swirl about and sneak into our noses.

I know it takes tenacity
to keep one’s lung capacity
and not look up and see the roots of roses!

According to virology
my system’s etiology
does put me in the high risk covid group.

A condition preexisting
has my internist insisting
if I get it then my future looks like poop.

But I’ll strive for the achievement
of avoiding my bereavement
to be standing when the next rhyme contest starts!

I will fight evil creations
of lethal virus mutations
that prefer to feast on lungs of we old farts!

Doing proper isolation
I might miss the titivation
a mortician would perform upon my hair.

Maybe after vaccination
I will not need ventilation
to assist me with inhaling clean fresh air!

One afterthought, don’t criticize
and say that bad taste underlies
this poetry and claim it makes things worse

because I won’t apologize
for rhyming while I strategize
about avoiding being in a hearse!



Of Threats to Democracy

The essence of democracy
is that a person never be
afraid to freely speak what’s in their heart.

A blessing of democracy
is that an artist can be free
to fearlessly create a work of art.

There was a time not so long past
when one idea we held fast
was the unquestioned right to free expression.

But such is not the case today
civility has waned away
society has undergone regression.

The rules have changed in recent years.
It’s animus, hatred and fears
that dominate. We all have become callous.

And anyone who dares to say
that decreed truth is not the way
is ostracized and targeted with malice.

If one speaks anything taboo
that’s reason enough to undo
a lifetime of good deeds and honest service.

To utter one single bad word
means henceforth you should not be heard!
That type of thinking should make us all nervous.

We say that someone should be fired
further discourse not desired
and excised from the realm of public thought!

Since past behavior matters not
and decades of good deeds mean squat
all products that they make should not be bought!

And thus because of constant fear
that someone listening who’s near
might misconstrue, misquote or unemploy us

we keep our thoughts suppressed inside
and feel compelled to always hide
our real beliefs so no one can destroy us.

The precious right to civil speech
is something we must not impeach.
It is because of it we came to be.

The right to express reasoned thought
apparently must be re-taught.
It is the linchpin of democracy.

I ask of those who scream and shout
to drown a disagreement out
for one brief second please just lend an ear.

To see what is the greatest threat
to our democracy as yet
stand and look into the nearest mirror.



Lee Goldberg (aka Rantingsenior) is a writer who lives in Naperville, Illinois. He is retired and has worked in a variety of areas including computer programming and network administration.

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16 Responses

  1. Cynthia Erlandson

    Lee, I enjoy the fun form you have used here, and especially the way you have used it to express, very accurately, some threats to our democracy.

    • Lee Goldberg

      Thanks for the kind words. But remember…….just because everything is crumbling that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun!

  2. Paul Freeman

    Loved the Senior Covid Blues, Lee. And if I may:

    Our kids and grandkids live with fears
    of my demise and copious tears
    that hankies by the dozen cannot douse.

    One silver lining makes them brave
    and that’s when I am in my grave,
    inheriting my money and my house.

  3. Allegra Silberstein

    Your use of rhyme in these fine poems is wonderful. May the force continue to be with you…Allegra

    • Lee Goldberg

      Thank you. I felt a ripple in the force tonight, but then realized I had just split my pants.

  4. Tonia Kalouria

    Hello, Lee,
    Love what you say and how you say in both poems.
    I, too, am of “a certain age” and am being put upon to
    get the jab. Loved the “Look in the mirror” last line esp.
    Tonia Kalouria

    • Lee Goldberg

      Actually, I’m 74 now and avoid looking in the mirror at all costs. But other people should.

      • Tonia Kalouria

        (I still do look in mirror after full makeup and hair grooming
        each day. I do it for ME:-)

  5. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    What a tour de force of deliciously wry humor in a world gone insane. Your poems are also well crafted with the smooth meter and clever use of language adding to the pleasure of the read. I especially like “The Senior Covid Blues”. Its closing two stanzas made me laugh out loud… excellent medicine for staving of those Covid blues. Thank you!

  6. David Watt

    The humorous ‘Senior Covid Blues’ is definitely in good taste. It’s much better to extract a laugh from a subject which is in our face day by day.


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