The world is full of suffering and pain;
We wait in fear for death to walk our way;
We look for anyone that we can blame
Projecting fear and hate along the way.

Where fear has entered, love can never be
And with it, peace of mind is gone as well,
For all we see now is insanity—
The mind that lives in fear must live in hell.

For just one moment, cast your fears away
And ask for peace and love to fill your mind.
Cast every judgement out without delay
And shine the light of love on all mankind.

The resurrection of the mind is near,
For fear has gone and peace and love are here.



Sandi Christie is a medical technician who lives in Florida.  She has published two works of poetry related to A Course in Miracles:  Miracles Fall Like Drops of Rain, and Lilies of Forgiveness.

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9 Responses


    A well-done sonnet. Thank you for the important reminder of fear’s corrosive influence on faith and love!

    • Sandi Christie

      Brian, thank you for your kind words. Your poems are especially inspiring, and I absolutely love “The Librarian and the Bonfire”; I wish I had written it!

      Happy Easter!

  2. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Sandi, I love the beauty and musicality of your words. I certainly believe that fear has a lot to answer for, and evil preys on fear to gain power. The fear of death is a driving force behind the atrocities in the world today, and if we could all look at the constant scaremongering with a rational perspective, perhaps it would go a long way to quashing the plans of those who don’t have our best interests at heart. It would serve us all well to keep in mind that there is a higher governance than the earthly one. Thank you.

    • Sandi Christie

      Susan, thank you for your compliment. If I ever learn to write half as well as you do, I will celebrate! This poem probably sounds trite without the underlying theology of A Course in Miracles, but I fear much of what I write would be too far out on the fringe for this platform. This seemed safe, lol. Thank you for your kindness and happy Easter!

  3. Margaret Coats

    Sandi, the first eight lines here represent flowing logic that comes to a natural conclusion in a fine line, “The mind that lives in fear must live in hell.” Your turn suggests the reasonable step of a momentary change in perspective–not much in itself, but with enough potential to lead to a resurrection of the mind. A great leap, but particularly possible in this season of renewal. Happy Easter!

    • Sandi Christie

      I hope that it is possible Margaret. You know, your words reminded me of a book I read about a probably long forgotten spirit who named herself Peace Pilgrim and walked for peace across the country for over 30 years, beginning in the 1950’s. She gave up all of her belongings except for the clothes on her back, a toothbrush, comb and a ballpoint pen. She listened to the Voice of God within her but did not practice any particular religion. She ate only when she was offered food and slept wherever she ended up each night. Being “in communion with God”, as she put it, she was totally fearless, and had no problem walking into the worst sections of any big city and talking to anyone and everyone she could about God and peace.

      I don’t know if she did anything for world peace, but her story is incredibly inspiring. She was able to diffuse what could have been many bad situations by projecting love out into the world instead of fear. Her memoir is worth reading. https://www.peacepilgrim.org/steps-to-inner-peace

      Thanks for your words, and happy Easter.

  4. Dave Whippman

    A well written and all too topical piece. So much fear is ultimately groundless, yet it so easily blights our lives.


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