I Am Thankful for Thanksgiving

I am thankful for Thanksgiving,
A special holiday
That doesn’t require atonement,
Or starvation, by the way.

There are no gifts I need to give,
Less money to be spent.
Just cook a turkey dinner
In an aluminum foil tent.

Everybody has their favorite
Turkey stuffing recipe.
I really don’t discriminate.
They all taste good to me.

The dessert is pumpkin pie.
My family seems so glad.
There is football on the TV set,
And seconds to be had.

The women in the kitchen
Get to gossip all day long
While they do the dishes,
And drink their coffee strong.

I just convinced myself
Thanksgiving is best for me,
Especially with the family,
And the turkey dinner’s free.



LTC Roy E. Peterson is a writer, retired U.S. Army Military Intelligence Officer, Foreign Area Officer, and Foreign Commercial Officer who currently resides in Texas.

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5 Responses

  1. Margaret Coats

    Happy Thanksgiving, Roy! Celebrating the day always takes work to create a pleasant atmosphere as well as good food. You have the right attitude of gratitude for whatever’s on the menu.

    • Roy Eugene Peterson

      Happy Thanksgiving, Margaret, to you and yours! I love “the right attitude of gratitude!”

  2. Brian Yapko

    This is a delightful, humorous poem which gives a fun snapshot of a mellow, angst-free day of gratitude. Those women in the kitchen gossiping and drinking strong coffee made me laugh and I, too, enjoy pretty much any kind of stuffing (except for oyster.) I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Roy!

    • Roy Eugene Peterson

      I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, as well. I cherish the old family memories of my mom in the kitchen with the other women enjoying their conviviality.


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