You told us lies, ignored our cries.
__Your platforms you abused.
You cancelled truth; you damaged youth,
__And we are not amused.

You took big bites from human rights,
__Dissenting voices choked.
With their decree Docs must agree,
__Or licences revoked.

But you can’t hide the great divide,
__The world is waking up.
They see beyond the muddied pond,
__The overworked tin cup.

With little fuss it’s over, thus…
Main media is dead to us.




You said to trust, you said we must,
__So that is what we did.
You stoked our fears for two whole years,
__So we’d do as you bid.

You said it’s safe, perhaps may chafe,
__But certainly effective,
Percentage-wise was emphasized,
__A miracle Injective.

One jab would do, then it was two,
__Then three… then four… now more.
Two months apart now on the chart,
__But hey! Who’s keeping score?

‘Twas all a spin, the stats are in,
The lame excuses wearing thin.



Almighty God

It seems to me as rather odd,
If we believe Almighty God
Created Heaven and the Earth,
And all its creatures and their worth,

That we, in manufactured fear,
Depart from all that we hold dear
And trust a medicated jab,
Concocted in a man-made lab,

To keep us safe from who-knows-what,
Believing He somehow forgot,
A system of immunity
For His entire community.

Do we assume that God divine
Forgot this part of His design?



Norma Pain was born in Liverpool, England and now lives in Parksville, British Columbia, Canada. Thirty of Norma’s poems were published by Dana Literary Society, between 2004 and 2007 and she was twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize by that same on-line poetry site. She self-published a book of rhyme in 2000 called Bulging Assets.

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18 Responses

  1. Joseph S. Salemi

    These are three great little poems about how media and medical-pharmaceutical authorities have abused trust, and manufactured terror for their own non-medical purposes.

    A friend has told me that her doctor has advised against her getting any more vaccinations or boosters for Covid, since these authorities were refusing to release any information at all to him and other doctors about these shots. He said that in good conscience he could not advise any of his patients to receive medications concerning which he had no information at all.

    Do we all see what’s going on here? They want everyone (even trained professionals) to FOLLOW ORDERS IMPLICITLY, with no questions asked. We are to accept — blindly — the “authority” of the CDC and pharmaceutical companies without a syllable of questioning.

    This is the very essence of left-liberalism. And it is why, whenever left-liberals gain power, they set up “Offices of Compliance” everywhere.

    • Norma Pain

      Thank you for your comments Joseph and for giving an example of the pressure on doctors to comply with the edicts, and the bravery of those who refuse to be cowed.

  2. Cheryl Corey

    All fantastic, Norma. Almost every day I read another story about younger people in particular suffering horribly side effects from the jab – hereto fore unknown heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots, to name a few. I never took it and never will.

    • Norma Pain

      Thank you for commenting Cheryl. I am so glad to hear that you will never take the jab. I don’t take medical/recreational drugs or vaccines and, amazingly I am still alive and kicking quite well thank you very much! I believe we have all been brainwashed for over seventy years to ‘idolize’ vaccines, to our detriment. Yes I am an anti-vaxxer! So shoot me! 🙂

  3. Roy Eugene Peterson

    “Main media” for a long time indeed has been dead to me! Their perverted journalism in slavish toadying to the leftist-liberal conglomerate is and has been anathema to me and damages our society and culture in the name of free press that is shackled in chains. These three poems should prick the consciousness of an entire nation! Well done!

  4. Pippa Kay

    Thank you for these poems. You are a master of rhyme and rhythm. I don’t entirely agree with anti-jab sentiments but agree that the media tends to sensationalize and catastrophize so readers feel they must do as they are told. I’m all for freedom of choice and chose to have the jab.

    • Norma Pain

      Thank you for taking the time to compliment my poetry Pippa, I really appreciate it, even though we disagree on the subject matter. I respect your decision to do what is right for you and this is what communication and respect is about.

  5. Russel Winick

    Norma – I liked all three, especially Media. I’m with Roy – the MSM has long been dead to me too. I just read or view it now for comic effect or to keep an eye on them. The insanity seems to grow by the day.

    • Norma Pain

      Thank you Russel. It certainly does seem as if we are in another kind of dimension these days. And not a pleasant one.

  6. Lannie David Brockstein

    Norma, the speaker in your “Media”, “Trust”, and “Almighty God” might like to view the following video by an independent journalist, that starting at around 14 minutes in features a few hours of mostly unedited footage of the recent “London Truth Be Told” mass protest, which occurred right in front of the BBC building, and that at around 29 minutes in features speeches by many “vaccine”-injured individuals who told as best they could their heartbreaking stories. How strange that the BBC did not report on this protest: https://www.bitchute.com/video/OWlzYFptzo5M/

    • Norma Pain

      Thank you so much for commenting Lannie, and for the link to the “London Truth be Told” protest which I had not seen. It is so terribly sad to hear all of the reports of jab damage to so many people and to have the BBC make absolutely no comment. It is disgusting and disheartening. How many more people are suffering because they felt forced to take a jab through incited fear.

  7. Jeff Eardley

    Very thoughtful poetry Norma with your usual rhythm and rhyme that never fails to hit the spot.
    Well done again.

  8. Susan Jarvis Bryant

    Norma, what a fine trio of delightful poems that romp along with toe-tapping aplomb in melodious tones that deliver a killer blow with spot-on messages that say everything about the insane days we live in. Norma, you are a poet after my own heart, and I have loved reading every well-crafted line of your latest works. Wonderfully done!! Thank you for your bold, poetic soul!


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