Below is the SCP Journal XI Introduction written by lead editor and SCP co-founder Evan Mantyk. After the Introduction is the complete first section of poems and art from Journal XI. Other Journal XI editors include C.B. Anderson, Dusty Grein, and Daniel Magdalen. Click here to purchase a complete hardcopy of Journal XI. Forward your receipt to submissions@classicalpoets.org and receive one year of Membership in the SCP, a non-profit organization dedicated to the revival of traditional English poetry. 


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5 Responses

  1. Roy Eugene Peterson

    I read your entire introduction in the Journal I purchased and gleaned some important information about the classical foundation of poetry, the value on the poetry itself with the latitude for differing opinions and telling us that “Winning Writers” (or as I now all it, “Losing Writers”) turned against SCP. No great loss.

  2. Mike Bryant

    Evan, this introduction for Journal XI is not only instructive but it also beautifully lays out your aims for the SCP website. This journal is like a frozen moment of the flowing river of the online experience.

    “This journal is about poetry first and foremost and not about individual perspectives.” – Evan Mantyk

    Our Mission
    The Society’s mission is to preserve humankind’s artistic traditions with a particular emphasis on beautiful poetry; to reestablish poetry as one of the most widely appreciated forms of literature, communication, and entertainment; to increase appreciation of centuries of metered and often rhyming poetry; to support poets who apply classical techniques in modern poetry through publication and performance opportunities and awards; and to advance language arts in education and culture.

  3. Monika Cooper

    Being banned from “Winning Writers” is *exactly* what winning looks like.

    Paging through the Journal virtually was a thrill and whets anticipation for paging through its actual pages, where our poems from the site will have a new and even better life.

    And Evan Mantyk has outdone himself in the Introduction. “We disagree. . . so what?” But I certainly agree with him and James A. Tweedie on the “magic” and “enchantment” of poetry (good poetry).

    • Joshua C. Frank

      I agree. It’s an honor to get banned by the big names in the poetry world, given how far it’s gone unhinged along with the rest of the culture.

      It’s also a huge honor to be included in the annual anthology. Congratulations to all whose poems were chosen!

  4. James Sale

    It’s a wonderful anthology and Evan has done a fabulous job. The introduction is brilliant. I love what is his sage advice that could be construed as Eastern: too much yin and we get formless nonsense, BUT too much yang and we get artificiality and deadness! Or as Apollo might have it: not too much! True poetry, then, treads that difficult middle line and that is what the SCP stands for.


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