The Legend of Ole Stingy Jack

Do you recall Ole Stingy Jack?
Whose tricks cost him a great set back?
They say he tricked the Devil twice,
But when he died he paid the price.
At first denied the pearly gate
And left to wander shadows late.
The Devil did show some remorse,
And gave an ember as his light source.
So now he roams each Autumn night
With nothing but the Devil’s light.
Placed there behind a hand-carved pattern
We now know as the jack-o-lantern.




Kevin Matthew Hayes is a freelance writer who resides in the Gainesville, FL area. In addition to being a member of the Society of Classical Poets, he is a member of The Authors Guild.

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  1. Cheryl Corey

    Cute little poem, Kevin. I like your slant rhyme of “pattern” with “lantern”.


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