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    1. Create a topic. Inside the topic, post a poem for critique or a poetry-related question. Use your real name: first and/or last. Pseudonyms are discouraged.
    2. Poetry in the SCP Workshop is expected to at least strive for meter. (Learn about writing with meter here: ) Rhyme and other traditional techniques are also good of course!
    3. Support for and achievement of a good poem on the SCP Workshop does not necessarily mean that the poem will be officially published by the Society of Classical Poets. Poems worked on here must still be submitted through the normal channel ( and will be treated like regular submissions.
    4. This is a space for taking criticism or posing questions, but if a poet feels the criticisms of his or her poem get too far offtrack then the poet can write to to have comments removed with subject line “Remove Comment.”
    5. If content posted is deemed inappropriate for any reason by the website editor, it may be removed at any time. This is generally supposed to be a family friendly website that does not go beyond a PG or PG-13 rating without a particularly good reason.

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    Laura Donovan
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    Thank you in advance for your critique, it is appreciated.

    As I listened to the book of Esther while weeding my lavender bed the phrase, “Paint a pretty picture.” popped into my head. I played with it for a minute and then ran in the house to work it into this little poem. It has a melody, which helped the flow.

    Paint a pretty picture of a royalty
    The hearth and home filled with majesty

    Paint a pretty picture of the delicacies
    Served on trays made of golden filigree

    Paint a harsh stroke of a woman bold
    A heart lifted high and a shoulder cold

    Paint a handsome picture of a king so true
    Loving you, wondering what to do.

    Paint a smear of a vain, wifely defect
    Seven nobles work to restore respect

    Paint an abstract of a heart undone
    The parents dead there is only one

    Paint a pretty picture of an Uncle kind
    A friend to mentor soul and mind

    Paint and edict from the palace royal
    A wife must be found true and loyal

    Paint a masterpiece, one of Mordecai
    He honored God and lifted Him high

    Paint with acrylic a man filled with hate
    A temper and rage, he would not wait…

    Paint a watercolor of a land undone
    A people bewildered at the setting sun

    Paint a portrait of a girl caught between
    The kingdom throne and her nationality

    Paint a sleepless night and a heart to examine
    The book that chronicles your fame and famine

    Paint a dark descent of a boastful man
    Who thought he’d won the kings own hand

    Paint the sour grapes of humility
    How can it be? That horse was for me!

    Paint the conceit vast in its extreme
    To manage the king for your own scheme

    Paint a rainbow of God who knew
    Who watched and waited to rescue you

    Paint a pretty picture of the possibilities
    Of plans and paths which you do not see.

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