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    Fred McIlmoyle
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    So you’ve written a poem you say,
    After reading mine. Not so easy is it?
    Oh! you’ve written yours in rhyme.
    Um! that form`s considered – well
    A bit old fashioned now.
    Ah! you’ve let your feelings enter in,
    Oh no! – here, let me show you how.
    You choose an obscure, abstract theme,
    One few out there will understand;
    Say the philosophy of Kant,
    Or a few lines from the Koran.
    Never set a rhythmic flow, ensure the words collide,
    Avoid the telling metaphor or anything personified,
    That’s much much too clear; they might understand.
    You have to be original you know,
    More intellectual and abstruse.
    Toss in a foreign phrase or two
    That usually cooks their goose.
    Try to split the meter up, alter the length of lines,
    Shape your poem like a pyramid,
    Or some other symbolic sign.
    Never tell them what it means,
    There’s sure to be a Judas goat
    Who wants to appear intelligent;
    Remember the Emperor’s invisible coat!

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    Mark Stone
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    Fred, Hello. My comments, which are based purely on my personal preferences, are as follows.

    1. I see many rhymes, but I can’t identify a consistent rhyme scheme. I’m not suggesting you have to have a consistent rhyme scheme. I just prefer it.

    2. The narrative is crystal clear and is clever, and it is told in a folksy and engaging manner.

    3. I note the absence of a consistent meter, but it does not appear you were striving for that.

    4. I very much like the “words collide/personified” rhyme.

    Best wishes. Mark

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