James A. Tweedie is a recently retired Presbyterian pastor who has served congregations in Utah, California, Australia, Hawaii, and Washington State.

He fell in love with poetry during his Junior-year high school English class through the influence of an eccentric, yet inspired, student teacher, and has been writing poems ever since. He holds four earned degrees in Music, Humanities, Divinity and Ministry. For pleasure, he composes and records music, sells his photography at a local gallery, volunteers with a program that provides the only free hot meal program in the county, acts, writes and directs with a local repertory company, hikes and fly-fishes in the High Sierra, and takes walks on the beach with his wife. He has self-published four novels and a collection of poetry, along with a book of short stories set on Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula—the place he now calls home. He claims to be an optimist.

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