Members of the Society (MSCP)

Anderson, C.B., Massachusetts
Ashurst, Alan, Germany
Bauer, Charles, North Carolina
Benedetti, Diana, New York
Blackie, Alexander, England
Bland, Derek, Australia
Blankinship, Kevin, Utah
Benjamin, Tod, United Kingdom
Boyd, Raymond, Australia
Brecht, Gregory, Alabama
Brown, Andrew Benson, Missouri
Burd, Jr., Randal A., Missouri
Bryant, Mike, Texas
Bryant, Susan Jarvis, Texas
Byrd, Eric, North Carolina
Carter, Tom
Coats, Margaret, California, Longfellow Patron
Cox, Pepper, Iowa
Curtis, Michael, Washington, DC, Longfellow Patron
Dachstadter, Neal, Tennessee
Damigo, Tony, Florida
Darantière, Karen, France
Darling, Jan, Australia
Dashiell, Jack Michael, Indiana, Shakespeare Patron
Davis, Lorna, California
Dietrich, Manfred, Canada
Douthit, Brian, North Carolina
Epps, Peter G., Oklahoma
Essmann, Jeffrey, New York
Farrell, Kathleen M., New York
Foreman, Amy, Arizona
Galef, David, New Jersey
Garwick, Geoffrey, Minnesota
Geller, Conrad, Virginia
Gilliland, Sam, Scotland
Grein, Dusty, Washington State
Harder, William, New York
Hartley, Peter, U.K., Shakespeare Patron
Hayes, Kevin Matthew, Florida
Hodges, Ron L., California
Hollywood, David, Ireland, Longfellow Patron
Insalaco, Steven, Florida
Jordan, Richard, Texas
Keefe, Philip, Florida, Shakespeare Patron
King, Martin, Somerset, U.K.
Kubicki, Don, Nevada
Jalinous, Cyrus, Washington, D.C.
Jeon, Erin, California
Juster, A.M, Massachusetts
LeKane, Shari, Jo, Missouri
Marmaro, John, Florida
McKee, Nathaniel, Tennessee
Magdalen, Daniel, Romania
MacKenzie, Joseph Charles, New Mexico
Maibach, Michael, Virginia, Virgil Patron
Mantyk, Evan, New York
McKee, Nathan, Tennessee
Miller, Brenda, Ohio
Mishra, Sandeep, India, Shakespeare Patron
Moore, T. M., Vermont
Nedzel Gage, Anissa, Pennsylvania
Newton, Thomas, Indiana, Shakespeare Patron
Pearman, Jared, Canada
Pentchoukova, Kristina, New York
Philipp, Joshua, New York
Phillips, Connie, Massachusetts
Phillips, Monty, France, Shakespeare Patron
Rizley, Martin, Spain
Robin, Damian, United Kingdom
Rodriguez, Theresa, Pennsylvania
Rogers, Phil S., Texas
Ronan, John, Massachusetts
Ross, Gregory, Virginia
Ruleman, William, Tennessee
Scharl, Jane, Arizona
Sale, James, United Kingdom, Shakespeare Patron
Salemi, Joseph S., New York, Shakespeare Patron
Salmon, Thomas, New York
Sedia, Adam, Indiana
Shaffer, Steven, Pennsylvania, Longfellow Patron
Shoulta, Jonathan, Virginia
Simon, Michelle, Arizona
Smallwood, Carol, Michigan
Spring, Joe, South Africa
Stock, Beverly, Missouri, Shakespeare Patron
Sugar, Alan, Georgia
Sunderam, Rohini, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tessitore, Joe, New York, Longfellow Patron
Thompson, G.M.H., Missouri
Tweedie, James A., Washington State
Walford, Rod, New Zealand
Walter, Joan Byrnes, California
Watt, David, Australia
Wirkala, Elwin, Washington State, Longfellow Patron
Wise, Bruce Dale, Washington State
Wyler, E.V., New Jersey
Yu, Frank, New Jersey
Zanelli, Alessio, Italy
Zoutewelle, Leo, North Carolina, Longfellow Patron



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Featured Image: “Lost Illusions” by Charles Gleyre

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