Evan Mantyk is President of the Society of Classical Poets, as well as chief editor of the Society’s Journal and the Society’s website.  He teaches literature and history in the Hudson Valley region of New York, where he lives with his wife and two children. He was formerly a newspaper journalist and editor for the multi-language international newspaper The Epoch Times, and still occasionally pens pieces for the Manhattan-based newspaper. He has also researched and written on U.S. and foreign educational systems on behalf of immigration law firms and their clients. His most recent publication is a book of his poetry, Heroes of the East and West. Other publications include Treasured Tales of China Vol. 1-3, Prince Hamlet and the Monkey King, How to Write Classical Poetry, Epic History Tales, The Story of Milarepa, and Dream of the Red Chamber. Read an interview with Evan Mantyk published on The Bookends Review.

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