These submission guidelines apply to both the website, which acts as an online journal, and our annual Society of Classical Poets Journal, which uses works selected from the website. By appearing on the Society’s website, your poem also has the opportunity of being linked to by the major news aggregator Whatfinger.

Some type of meter, such as iambic pentameter, is required (except for haiku, which are purely based on syllable counting). Some metrical variation is natural and fine. To learn how to write poetry with meter, see a brief beginner’s guide on common iambic meter here or a more elaborate beginner’s guide to many kinds of meter here.

You may submit a reading of your poem as an MP3 file. Poetry readings can be found here.

We do not normally offer feedback (unless you are a Member of the Society and request it). For a detailed guide on writing poetry see the Society of Classical Poets’ How to Write Classical Poetry.

We accept submissions on any theme you may choose; however, we recommend these themes:

(1) The negative effects of communism and socialism on the West: Communism, including its first phase (socialism), is an ideology based on destroying harmony among social classes and eliminating traditional beliefs and moral values. It has led to over 100 million deaths—more than the first and second World Wars combined. Despite this, the ideology continues to manipulate America, Europe, and the West in general, and its crimes have still not yet been fully exposed or understood. We encourage poetry that exposes it in any of its forms.

(2) Human rights in China: In a globalized world where many products are “Made in China,” the human rights violations there are essentially in our own backyard. Particularly heinous is the persecution of the peaceful meditation practice Falun Gong, including the forced removal and sale of practitioners’ organs. Also included on the long list of offended parties are democracy advocates, human rights lawyers, bloggers, Tibetan Buddhists, Catholics, Christians, and many others. We encourage poetry that exposes the abuses of human rights in communist China.

(3) The beauty of classical arts: Classical arts, found in the realms of literature, fine art, architecture, music, dance, and so on, cherish a clear sense of beauty and the mastery of traditional techniques. At their best, they inspire us with their lofty ideals, strengthen the basic moral foundations of society, and, of course, delightfully entertain us. Yet, today, classical arts are often neglected and treated as boring or out of style. We seek poetry that celebrates the beauty and power of classical arts. “Classical” here is in the broad sense and refers to arts or methods from the Romantic period or earlier, or approximately pre-1870.

(4) Beauty in a general sense.

(5) Humor and riddles.

(6) Essays, translations, analyses of classical poems of the the past, and reviews of poetry books. In this category, the work must be previously unpublished. We only accept reviews of poetry books in which the majority of the book is in the style of classical poetry (containing a traditional use of English poetry meter).

Email your submission to submissions@classicalpoets.org, in the email body and/or in a Word file is fine.


-You do not have to be a Society member to submit.
-Poems may be previously published.
-Do not submit more than five poems in a single month.
-You will receive an email indication about the acceptance or polite rejection of your poetry within a fortnight or two.
-Currently, there is no payment for submissions.
-If, once you grant the Society permission to publish your poetry, you wish to rescind that permission, you may email a rescind request to submissions@classicalpoets.org. However, the Society may or may not grant the rescind request.
-The Society may shorten submitted poet bios for any reason.
-By submitting your poetry or prose to the Society of Classical Poets or posting anywhere on this website, you are giving the Society permission to publish your poetry on the website, potentially in the annual print journal or other Society publications or in the Society’s media partner, The Epoch Times, or in an SCP poetry reading. You, however, retain rights to your poetry.
-By sending in a submission your email address will be automatically enrolled to receive the Society’s email newsletter. You can choose to unsubscribe after receiving your first newsletter.