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Learn to Write Classical Poetry
-Read the Society’s publication How to Write Classical Poetry. It is perfect for teachers and aspiring poets.
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-Receive one round of feedback on your poetry upon request from Society President and Journal Editor Evan Mantyk. This is good for three different poems during your year of annual membership. Each poem should not exceed 100 lines, but accommodations may be made upon request. NOTE: Being a Member does not guarantee publication on the Society’s website or in its Journal.

Member Requirements
-To maintain annual membership, you must first purchase that year’s annual Journal.
-After receiving the Journal, fill out this simple SCP Membership Application Form and email it to (Or simply email us a screenshot of your Journal receipt and the information required in the SCP Membership Application Form.)


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Sponsors will receive a free copy of this year’s journal and will have their names listed publicly with one of the following Sponsor categories (unless you indicate that you prefer anonymity). They will also be automatically granted Membership in the Society. All donations are tax deductible and you will receive the appropriate tax document:

$50: Troubadour; Trobairitz
$100: Patron of Poetry; Patroness of Poetry
$500: Lord of Poetry; Lady of Poetry
$1,000: Golden Griffin
$2,000: Platinum Pegasus