We are pleased to announce the publication of The Society of Classical Poets’ Journal VII. The new journal is larger and more impressive than any past year, with dozens of color paintings inside, greater placement of poems, and the option for hardcover. Click here to purchase a copy. Journal VII editors selected poetry published on the Society’s website, spanning approximately twelve months prior to February 1, 2019.

Note: To maintain annual Membership in the Society, you must purchase Journal VII and send proof of purchase (a receipt or photo) to emantyk@classicalpoets.org.

If you contributed any poetry to Journal VII (your name would be listed below), then you are eligible to receive a free electronic copy (PDF) that you may share with friends and family. However, we ask that you please do not post it for public download or viewing online.

Journal VII

Journal Editors

Evan Mantyk, Connie Phillips, C. B. Anderson, Dusty Grein, Daniel Magdalen

Most Featured Poets

Anderson, C. B.
Foreman, Amy
Leach, Daniel
MacKenzie, Joseph Charles
Mantyk, Evan
Robin, Damian
Sale, James
Salemi, Joseph S.
Sedia, Adam
Tessitore, Joe
Tweedie, James A.
Watt, David

Featured Contemporary Painters & Sculptors

Armusik, Eric
Bain, Anna Rose
Dong, Xiqiang
Gussin, Clark Louis
Howard, Sabin
Hunter, Abraham
Keathley, Mark
Levin, Steven J.
Pfeiffer, Jacob A.
Schlenker, Robert
Seward, Steven
Shen, Daci
Smorenburg, Herman
Westlake, Laura

Other Featured Poets and Translators

Bardwell, Caroline
Bauer, Charles
Blanchard, Jane
Burd, Jr., Randal A.
Canerdy, Janice
Cherub, Kim
Clark, Florence Adams
Clickard, C.L.
Coates, Margaret
Cook, Sally
Coy, Michael
Curtis, Michael
Dambron, Remy
Darling, Jan
Dietrich, Manfred
Dilks, Zachary
Essmann, Jeffrey
Gilliland, Sam
Goldberg, Lee
Gosselin, David Bellemare
Grein, Dusty
Harris, J. Simon
Hartley, Peter
Hay, C. David
Hayes, Ted
Hetherington, Nicky
Hinders, Jennifer
Hodges, Ron L.
Holbrook, Rachel
Hyatt, Jenni Wyn
Jackson, K.G.
Juster, A.M.
Karthik, Nivedita
King, Martin John
Krusch, William
Krushyna, Ryhor
La Rosa, Ralph C.
Lauretta, M.P.
Libby, Father Richard
Lukey, Benjamin Daniel
Magdalen, Daniel
Maibach, Michael Charles
McQuade, Tonya
Mertz, Carole
Miller, Avery
Myers, Tim J.
Narayana, Sathya
Nicola, James B.
O’Shea, Sheri-Ann
Peterson, Roy E.
Philipp, Joshua
Phillips, Connie
Phillips, Monty
Ramirez, Andrew Todd
Ream, Alexander King
Rodriguez, Ramón, LC
Rosemond, Connor
Ruleman, William
Ruskovich, Mike
Sandler, Sally
Sedia, Adam
Shaffer, Steven
Shook, Don
Solot, Mike
Spring, Joe
Sugar, Alan
Sunderam, Rohini
Tyne, Victor
Van Inman, Clinton
Wang, Anthony
Whidden, Phillip
Whippman, David
Wilson, André Le Mont
Wise, Bruce Dale
Wren, Fr. Bruce
Xi, Yuan
Yankevich, Leo
Zanelli, Alessio
Zavlanov, Gleb
Zawadzki, Jarek
Zhu, Wandi

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3 Responses

  1. James Sale

    I now have my copy and it is fabulous: the production values have multiplied three times over, and that’s not to comment on the quality of the poetry inside. It really is something to be selected in this new, hardback, book. Of course, I had to fly (which of course is preferable to swimming there from the UK) to NY to get my copy; but – hey – 4,000 mile? Worth every excruciating minute in those damn planes!!


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