David Watt was born in 1959 and lives in Canberra, ACT, Australia. He grew up in the Victorian country town of Kyabram.

He has worked as a federal public servant for many years. Firstly, he worked as an Employment Officer for the Commonwealth Employment Service. Since 2000, he has been employed by Intellectual Property Australia (IPAustralia) in Canberra. Initially, he trained in patent administration, but soon moved into the more specialised area of Plant Breeder’s Rights.

Currently, his role within Plant Breeder’s Rights is that of Subject Matter Expert managing the administrative team. This position oversees Plant Breeder’s Rights from lodgement through to expiry of term, and all associated tasks.

David has been interested in poetry, and literature in general, since early school days. He began composing poems relatively recently, in 2014, commencing with bush poetry. Since then he has contributed to nine “Collections of Poetry Prose” publications compiled by Robin Barratt. His poems have been published in print and online journals within Australia and overseas. He plans to publish a collection of his poems at some time in the not too distant future.

He lives with his wife, Marina, his mother-in-law, Olga, and their ten-year-old daughter.

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