Peter Hartley was a Fine Art restorer specialising mainly in the conservation of paintings from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries and he took early retirement more than ten years ago. He has always been fond of foreign travel, having visited over sixty countries around the world and all seven continents at least twice. Keen on rock-climbing and mountaineering, mainly in the European Alps in his younger days, a spectacular fall (three thousand feet in vertical distance) from the top of an ice-bound Mount Fuji in spring 1985 and the ensuing brain haemorrhage put paid to this. He continued to tramp up easy mountains in better conditions, including Mount Whitney, Kilimanjaro, Mont Blanc, Mount Kinabalu and several 4000ers in the High Atlas. He has always been fond of wild, lonely and often desolate places (eg Spitsbergen, the Faroe Islands and the Outer Hebrides of the UK). An interest in cryptic crosswords eventually supplanted the peak-bagging, while more recently (and unexpectedly) writing poetry has taken over. He had a book of his verses published as On a Boat to Barra in March this year.


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