By A. Michaelle Yarbrough

The music of the crescendo plays so sweet
As she moves across the floor so gracefully
To a soothing gentle blossoming beat
Her motion paints pictures of love lost painfully

He’s just a prop to accompany in the duet
A place of joy and pride stretched arms to catch
Her sculpted body soars completes the silhouette
His hard body throws her carefully arms stretch

With poise she dances a story breath taking
Of beauteous mankind imagined in dreams
The experience like life in the making
She keeps her part with satisfaction well done

She dances on a stage for all to see her
The dance she was created for to dance
A lifetime of work for this one moment’s history
Makes everything she gave up worth this one chance


A. Michaelle Yarbrough was born in Lansing, Michigan and now lives in North Carolina. She was recently published in the Poetic Bond, and in 2007 was nominated poet of the year by the International Society of Poets.

This poem is among the entries for the Society of Classical Poets’ 2012 Poetry Competition.

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