Momma says you can do it.
Fly away, little bird.
Momma’s watched over you, fussed
And taught you every word.
Momma doesn’t know it all;
The dangers out there lurk.
She taught you to be vigilant;
Ever stay alert.
Momma says it’s time to go;
Your downy fluff is gone.
Momma says you must be brave
And flap those wings you don.
Momma’s nudged you out of the nest;
She’ll show you all her tricks
Like where to go and what to eat;
How to weave with sticks.
Momma says your time has come;
You’ll grow and flourish too.
Momma says you will find love;
Sure as the dawning blue.
Momma says you’ll learn to sing
And soar the skies above.
Mostly you’ll learn to be yourself.
So fly away, little bird,
Momma sends you off with love.


Cynthia Thornton Herrera is an adult education teacher and poet living in Spring, Texas.

She has been writing poetry since age 12. Having grown up on a farm in Nebraska, nature supplied her inspiration to write, and life experiences have continued to provide relentless subjects.

Her work has appeared in: National Poetry Press Young America Sings series, American Poetry Association anthologies, Beginnings, Promise, Inkling, Star Burst, and the Phi Theta Kappa Nota Bene anthology.

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