Goddess sleek and draped in white,
Flowing wisps of long brown hair,
Halo hat of holy light,
Cherubs floating everywhere.

Beads around her long thin neck,
Each a world for which she cares,
Gazing down at each small speck,
Seeing each one’s special flare.

Arm extends and points the way,
She is leading quite a crew,
Rushing fast without delay,
They are building something new.

Angels come alert, aloft,
Some that soar are seraphim,
Wings of six, they whirl and waft,
Waiting Her most worthy whim.

Planting pillars rising high,
There the splendid arches meet,
Ceiling opens up to sky,
Birds with banners softly tweet.

Flowers fill the flying hands,
Each is put in proper place,
Sweet aroma’s fill the land,
Bridging heaven’s  time and space.

Enlightened guests gladly go,
To the place that she prepares
Banners hanging let them know:
Someone out there truly cares!



Featured image by Wattana Bo.



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