O sweet be this soft morning’s song
As golden mist on earth descends
And skylarks trill an hour long
While gently this wild river bends:

The daisies rise to kiss the sun
Fond lover of dear Mother Earth!
For now the war with night is won
What better cause for joy and mirth?

Courting the flowers, the butterflies
Drink deep of sweetest nectar-dew:
While pixies watch with peering eyes
A scene that never would be new:

The squirrels scurry up the trees
And chitter-chatter though the day:
And out upon the greenest lees
I might espy the deer at play!

Music of melodious note
Doth grace this breezy morning air –
Like madrigals that Pan devotes
To Mother Nature’s glory fair!

O sweet is this soft morning’s song
Which falls upon my eager ears:
As thrushes trill an hour long
I find dispelled my foolish fears!


Mandy Moe Pwint Tu is a Burmese poet studying in Australia.

Featured Image: “Deer in a Woodland Glade” by George Vicat Cole. (1833-1893)

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  1. Alvaro Sot

    And to think I began reading your poems YEARS ago. Im so excited and happy for you.
    (and also slightly jealous, if I may say so). CONGRATS!


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