Celestial Teevee

Something that’s always
puzzled me:
Does the Creator watch us
on celestial teevee
the way we watch Modern Family?
If so, can
He (She? It?) switch channels?
(To other worlds, galactic variety shows?)
When does He get up for beer
and pretzels, since there are
(I assume)
no commercials?
But most of all, I wonder
what if our series is cancelled?
Of course, if someone with
can swing the deal,
we may come back
in syndication.


For E.J.O., Jr.

You create for yourself grand objectives,
impossible all to see through,
then despair in your lonely perspectives
for those that you have failed to do.

But I ask you please to remember
that you’ve lost far less battles than won;
and to look back in pride each December
at all the year’s seen that you’ve done.


R. Bremner, of Glen Ridge via Lyndhurst, NJ, USA, is a former cab driver, truck unloader, computer programmer, and vice-president at Citibank. He writes of dead kings and many things he can’t define, incense, peppermints, and the color of time. Ron was in the very first issue of Passaic Review alongside Allen Ginsberg, and has appeared in  International Poetry Review, The Society of Classical Poets, the Journal of Formal Poetry, Paterson Literary Review, and sundry elsewheres.   Find his inexpensive books You are once again the stranger, Poems for the Narrow, Kerouac Dreams Kerouac Visions,  and Stories of Love and Hate at Amazon, BN, Lulu, and Smashwords

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