Cloaked in rumors of religion, looming bloodthirst
Brings upon world’s drowning morals bouts of horror,
As the force of chaos calls you… Depths that holler
For damnation fan your frenzied rampant outburst.

Charity extends its hand… to face your onslaught!
Burning words you read do send your minds, which dream to
Crush civilization’s compass, speeding into
Flames and out of human nature, hard as gunshot…

Yet, what ‘prize’ to crave if graveyards spell your missions –
Families marooned ‘mid shadows, drowned in torment?
What sane soul would let life shatter, each torn fragment
Falling ‘neath all thoughts and feelings, ‘neath existence?!

Ask yourself, before you summon bloody ages,
‘To what purpose??’… Hear the voice of reason tell you,
‘Learn to stop. Then, stop to learn lives’ fated value
In Creation – cast no stain on Future’s pages!’


Daniel Magdalen is a doctoral student in the Faculty of Letters at the University of Bucharest, in Romania.

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  1. Satyananda Sarangi

    Dear Daniel,

    Greetings! Really loved the poem and the message is loud and clear.
    Looking forward to more of your poetry.

    Best wishes.


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