I am the shining star above–
The perfect ray of light.
I am the wisest thought conceived,
I am the earth’s delight.

I am God’s greatest creation,
The angels sing my name.
I never have been false or bleak,
Nor deaf, nor dumb, nor lame.

I am the Word made manifest–
The ultimate desire,
My spirit is the testament
To the living Fire.

I rise above all nature base;
I know no lower thing,
In perfect silence I prepare
For what my Work will bring.

I hear the whispers of the Gods;
Their wisdom is my grace,
I strive with passion every hour
To reach that holy place.

I’m not of feeble temperament;
My power is my right,
In poise I aim to yet perceive
That unutterable Light.

The Eagle greets me as I glide
Into that higher state,
In silence I am unconfined,
In silence I am great.

I am the night’s majestic stars,
I am the heavens true,
With flaming soul I find my light
In blissful solitude!


Justin Monelt is a poet in his 20s living in New York.

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6 Responses

  1. David Hollywood

    Very good, it felt like a self-possessed control of what is holy. Well done.

  2. David Watt

    A melodious poem in which the form really suits the reflective theme. Well done.


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