Sea Breeze

Negative ions aloft,
Wafting aloft in the breeze.
That mystical, maritime breeze
Bestowing a comfort and ease.

Beautiful, bountiful breeze,
Offering more than it seems—
A lift to the spirit and soul,
Expansion of whimsical dreams.

Blessings abound in the breeze—
Tangible tension relief,
Pathway to reason and truth,
Conviction of vital beliefs.



Margaret Brinton has lived in San Diego’s inland valley area for over forty years where she taught and tutored. Her poems have recently been published in California Quarterly and Westward Quarterly and The Lyric with upcoming work in the greeting card industry. 

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4 Responses

  1. Karen Patterson

    Your poem captured the beauty of the painting and the feeling of being present with the breeze caressing one’s check.

  2. R M Moore

    “Puget Sound” by Bierstadt
    Sea Breeze
    Indeed, the wind can do all that is implied in this poem. I appreciate all the ”science” of poetry. But what makes poetry most enjoyable is often the spiritual lift it can give. For example, the energizing flow of a breeze can make the cares of the day soften with its power. It is that power which manifests to us that there are some things we cannot control, and, perhaps we do not need to.

    R M Moore

  3. David Hollywood

    Dear Margaret, I am tired following a long day, and decided to read a little poetry before retiring and have to say your words are so effective they have blown away all my cobwebs, and now I feel refreshed. Goodness, and its so late… many thanks for such wonderful imagery, and sense of uplift.


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