This poem is meant to raise awareness about the atrocity of organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in China today. Please click here to sign a petition to the White House. (Featured image above is “Organ Crimes” by Xiqiang Dong, 2007)


A new form of evil unknown to man
Has reared its ugly face upon the earth,
As if man’s noble frame were but a can
It rips fresh organs from their soft warm hearth
And sells them upon our American shelves
Along with so many other products
That make the communists proud of themselves
“Made in China” is not a choice, it’s fact.


Paralyzed by polarized news outlets,
By economics, cost-benefit studies
Of the most comfortable and safe bets,
We all fancy ourselves clever eddies
Going against the terrible mainstream
Only to find we’re within its current,
Blindly pushing toward mankind’s worst dream
Silent as our integrity is spent.


Truly triumphantly the two trumpets
Break the oppressive silence in our minds!
Hope’s twin angels perform a skilled duet
With domineering grace both strong and kind,
The angels point down to the quest on earth
And offer you a shining sword (a pen)
That crosses between realms of life and death,
And is marked with the bright seal of heaven.

-Evan Mantyk


“Tears of Grief and Joy” by Kunlun Zhang, 2007.

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