Anand PKC’s “transcendental realism” is on view now through Feb. 27 at Walter Wickiser Gallery, Manhattan, NY.


Featured Image: A New Day Rising, Oil on canvas, 48″ x 34″, 2011

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  1. Bruce Dale Wise

    “In India, diamonds are everywhere,
    as they are in China, in America.”
    —Sri Wele Cebuda

    By Bruce Dale Wise

    The water is so blue, the leaves of grass as dry
    as twigs beneath the similar-hued elephant,
    so huge, beige-brown and firm, beside the azure sky
    and branching trees, big, rugged, clumsy, elegant,
    not in a china shop but in the wide outdoors,
    important and magnificent, significant.
    Right at the forefront of the scene, one sees forms—scores—
    large ears, eyes spread, long trunk past tusks of ivory,
    thick legs, splayed feet, on one of nature’s many floors,
    an ambling, like nothing else in Tennessee,
    or India. I wonder where this is. I sigh…
    my sight—a new day rising, free. Where can it be?


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