To become a listed member of the Society of Classical Poets you should familiarize yourself with the content on our website, specifically about us. Simply send an email to expressing your desire to be a member and then we will confirm your membership. Please include your email address, phone number, and U.S. state or country of residence. (All of your contact details, including your email address, will remain private and will not be shared with anyone outside the Society.) There are no membership dues; however, we encourage you to purchase a copy of the Society’s latest journal or donate at least $1 annually.


Executive Staff
Evan Mantyk, President
Joshua Philipp, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer
Frank Yu, Chief Financial Officer
Kristina Pentchoukova, Marketing Director

Journal Staff
Connie Phillips, Editor
Evan Mantyk, Editor
Diana Benedetti, Chief Designer

Advisory Board
William Ruleman, Professor of English, Tennessee Wesleyan College
James Sale, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Motivational Expert
Michael Curtis, Architect, Sculptor, Painter, Founding Director of The National Civic Art Society
Damian Robin, Poet and Former Newspaper Editor
Bruce Dale Wise, Poet
Dusty Grein, Author, Poet, and Graphic Designer

Troubadour Members

William Ruleman
Suman Srinivasan
Lorna Davis
Loren McCune
Ron L. Hodges
Carol Smallwood


Current Members

Dan Skorbach, Ontario, Canada
Aubrey Henderson, Utah
Damian Robin, England
Josiah Johnston, North Carolina / China
Reid McGrath, New York
Katy Mantyk, New York
Leland James, Michigan
Alan Jankowski, New Jersey
Michelle King, Missouri
Julie Catherine Vigna, British Columbia, Canada
Jennifer Morgan, Washington
Gideon Cecil, Guyana
Amreen B. Shaikh, India
Mary Embree, California
Daniel N. McAdams, Colorado
Samuel East, England
Debra Andrews, New York
Alice Catherine Jennings, Texas
Felton Craig, Pennsylvania
Alan Nordstrom, Florida
Mayya Raskina, New York
Parisa Bazl, New York
Dawn Munro, Ontario, Canada
Casey Sexton, Arkansas
Tiel Aisha Ansari, Oregon
Mistylove Lopez, Missouri
Joseph Dolan, Colorado
Tavia Grabas, British Columbia, Canada
Luciana A. Schlei, Brazil
Beatriz Fernandez, Florida
Justin Lawrence, Washington
Jeffery Lee Wells, Florida
April Wollman, North Dakota
Douglas Thornton, France
Stephen Mickelson, Washington
Melissa Fry Beasley, Oklahoma
Cheryl Bousquet, Colorado
Joyanne ODonnell, Maryland
Michelle Balletto, Texas
Chris L Soulier, Alberta, Canada
Melvina Germain, Alberta, Canada
Ronald Ragan, California
Kathy Figueroa, Ontario, Canada
Cynthia Thornton Herrera, Texas
Bryce Davis, Arizona
Eddie Morales, Connecticut
Claire Marie de la Grange, Washington
Usha Krishnamurthy, California
Yamin Farhat, Georgia
Jim Scott, Ontario, Canada
Skip Hughes, Indiana
Kathleen M (Gaynor) Henry, Washington
Gernan Duncan, Saint Luca, West Indies
Kemar Cummings, Australia
Clinton Van Inman, Florida
Jacqueline Akopyan, California
Richard Lackman, Pennsylvania
Priyanka Iyer, India
Randy Blittle, Tennessee
Reginald Thomas, Australia
Surazeus Simon Seamount, Georgia
Troy Camplin, Texas
Roy Peterson, Arizona
Martin Hill Ortiz, Puerto Rico
Scáth Beorh, Florida
Lorna Davis, California
John McBride, Iowa
Firestone Feinberg, New York
James Sale, England
Robert King, California
Brian Gillie, Connecticut
Sean Gunning, California
Angela Porter, England
Dean Robbins, Pennsylvania
Neal Dachstadter, Louisiana
Michael Guastella, North Carolina
Marcus Bales, Ohio
Valerie Dohren, England
J. Aloysius, Virginia
Ronald Hodges, California
Dr. Dariusz Pacak, Austria
Sandra Sowers Platt, South Carolina
Theresa Rodriguez, Pennsylvania
Uttiya Sarkar, India
Michael R. Burch
, Tennessee
Dr. David L. Alexander, Illinois
Shivakumar  U. Ganachari, Karnataka, India
M.V.Sathyanarayana, Andhra Pradesh, India
Catherine Lee, Thailand
Daniel Magdalen, Romania
Lee Anne G. Hall, Tennessee
Kristen Borowski, New Jersey
Tony Henderson, England
Dr. Maria Miraglia, Italy
Pamela Corbett, New York
Justin Monelt, New York
Elizabeth Spragins, Virginia
Suchitra Das, California
Mike Munsell, Massachusetts
Christina Lawson, Florida
Zara Raab, Massachusetts
Debbie Johnson, Iowa
Hayden Bergman, Texas
Elizabeth Henry, England
Richard Hough, California
Nathan Cayea, New York
E.V. Wyler, United States
Benjamin Grinberg, New York
Carol Smallwood, Michigan
Jonathan Scott Weinberg, Kansas
Alesso Zanelli, Italy
Lauren Sullivan, Australia
Julian Green, South Carolina
Carol Mertz, Ohio



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10 Responses

  1. Ron L. Hodges

    Though I respect well-constructed open form poetry, I have always gravitated toward closed form poetry (both to read as well as write) because it contains a loftiness of expression, a beauty, often missing from open form poems. Also, too much modern poetry, in my opinion, appears to be written less for communication and more to build an elitist wall around the poet and his or her cabal. So, I was extremely pleased to find a repository for well-written classical form poetry!

  2. Angela Porter

    I am one of the few British members of The Classical Poetry Society, and very pleased/proud? of its aims. I have enjoyed much that I have read so far.

  3. James Irving Mann

    Love is born in your soul through soft, tender sighs
    Then flies out of control as it Personifies.


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