Soft warm eyes searching, yearning
full plump lips pouting and burning
she looks upward in hope and desire
burning inside consumed by fire.
Big bright eyes warm and true
deep inside, her soul shines through
pining each day for her love elusive
saving herself for her man exclusive
Hanging on in quiet desperation
for his return to the train station
far away down the tracks, a blur
her true love has returned to her
Together at last her faiths reward
Her body saved by his love adored


In 1997 Ronald took a job as a longshoreman and he began to tinker with writing. He would write short stories print them and leave them lying around town in odd places for people to read. In 2011 Ron decided to write a novel. One day listening to the radio a Led Zeppelin song inspired the climax for his first novel First Kiss: Missing.


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