How dramatic of thou hummingbird
Glides like a cherub through airs curb
Precious gems scatter across and fly
To sparkle and gleam in our eye

How the glistened hummer
Unfolds an enchanted summer
Soaring like magic rockets
Landing on small branches pockets.

On the summer’s sweet wing
With a tropical hugging swing
How the hummingbirds hum
Like a golden kazoo’s chum.

What a glorious season
fragrant with blossoming reason
Oh! How the land is warm
Like fresh herbal tea’s form.

Nectar as sweet as a plum
Carries the hummingbirds hum
Into all the earth’s gardens
asking for flowers’ pardons.


Innocence of Roses

The innocent veil of a rose
Petals of a precious stay
Summers magical fragile pose
The suns candle warms the day.

The suns trumpet blows rays out
Roses’ thorns guard their beauty
When it rains life’s water clouds pout
Grows fragrance like a perfume.

In the daylight when all is right
Vases cheer roses’ tea cups
Picking spirits above life’s height
Healing all our nature’s hearts.


JoyAnne O’Donnell is a poet living in Maryland.

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