I dreamed again last night, of waters, raging,
That break in waves across the Thunersee,
Where mountains coldly climb, fir-clad and aging;
Impervious to the rain against the scree;

Of ramparts there that guard a fort forgotten,
With walls where torches burned and moss now grows
Where rooks now wrest from kings a power ill-gotten
And trees, unstopped, encroach in place of foes.

I dreamed again of unfulfilled ambition
And hopes, dispersed, like waves on that cold shore
And lives compelled by power and high position
That slipped away, like sand, to strive no more.

For though she stood against all dangers hidden
Time and decay crept swift, unhindered, in
And soldiers were – in oversight – unbidden
To guard against the enemy within.

I dreamed last night of yesterdays, now sleeping
Where a lone cross marks unread history
While all man’s pride stands, empty-eyed, still keeping
Its endless watch across the Thunersee.


Camilla Marx lives with her husband, Bryan, in Grahamstown, South Africa. She completed a BA Theology (Hons) in historical theology, and in her spare time enjoys reading, opera, history and walking.

Featured Image: Weissenau Castle Ruins, Interlaken, Switzerland, Canton of Bern. Photo by PJ Kaszas.

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