Evan Mantyk is President of The Society of Classical Poets.  He is a poet, writer, and English teacher in the Hudson Valley region of New York, where he lives with his wife and two children. His more recent published poetry includes “A Reincarnation of the Raven,”  “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Adapted),” “25 Riddles,” and “A Chinese Epic.” He has also published the following books: The Story of Milarepa, Epic History Tales, Mission Tiananmen: A Canadian’s Journey to Beijing to Call for Justice, An Iliad for Our Generation, and Sir Gawain’s Quest and Other Poems.


Photo credit: Jonathan Cook


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  1. Michael Curtis

    Hello, Evan. An end-of-year checking-in to long neglected sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, emails, SCP, et cetera) revealed the metamodern art site, many fine verses published in the past months, and the publication of two MC verses in October: Thanks for all of this. Two fellows left kind comments. I might thank them if I can navigate my way through the technology.

    You might like to know that I, and my small team of classicists, are designing a 58 square mile city, AEGEA: See, http://www.aegealife.com/info where you will find the “AEGEA Story” video, 9:30; the “AEGEA Property Flyover” video, 3:18 (40 miles of the 58 miles); and the “AEGEA Brochure”. I mention this project as a proof that others share your purpose.

    Well done, and good luck,


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