When Santa’s sleigh took to the sky,
He saw a wonder by him fly:
A Chinese Fairy dance on clouds
And point to where there gathered crowds;
A theater’s lights shown dazzling bright
And beckoned him to veer his flight
To see the face of those who’d seen
The Shen Yun show’s amazing scenes.
And then he thought, “Now here’s a gift,
That warms the soul and hearts uplifts,
Art intricate as Fabergé,
As charming as the Queen’s soiree,
That’s truly classic and yet new…
This season I know what to do!”


Shen Yun Performing Arts will travel to over 20 countries during its 2018 tour, which begins this month.

Evan Mantyk is President of the Society of Classical Poets. He teaches literature and history in upstate New York.

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  1. Damian Robin

    … And when many of Santa’s gift recipients went to the show, they found

    The colours chosen pull on threads of light,
    Their hues form swollen joys of bursting stars.
    They scatter purity of gods in flight
    That we had known before these seats were ours.

    Each fabric, sewn, bestows a cosmic touch;
    Each gown, grown certain heaven’s garden’s come,
    With burg’ning, handmade blooms too sheer to clutch,
    Compels, beyond the arched proscenium,

    Its essence, filling cells and molecules
    With transference to realms few humans see,
    Immersing us in iridescent pools
    Where radiance and knowledge disperse free

    With all our beings held in harmony
    With all the diff’rence of divinity.

    [ burgeoning and difference are truncated for better sound/scansion ]

  2. Leonard Dabydeen

    Beautiful sonnet to brighten the holiday season. Iambic tetrameter rhyme scheme has a soft tone and a good flow. TFS, Evan Mantyk .

  3. Leonard Dabydeen

    I’ll be at The Living Arts Center in Mississauga, Ontario for the presentation of the Shen Yun Group on January 23, 2018.


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