Write the shortest possible rhyming poem that still has meaning. Post it in the comments section below under your full name and general area of residence (“Bob Smith, Denver, Colorado”). You may choose any topic, but please be respectful and no dirty humor. Two entries allowed per poet.

When: Now June 9, 2018 midnight EST. Winner Announced June 16, 2018.

Who: Anyone in the world, any age or background, may participate. From within the Society, anyone not involved in judging the contest may participate.

Prize: $100

Judge: Advisory Board Members who choose to participate

Entry Fee: None

Examples: Our first example comes from Joe Tessitore of New York City, New York, who came up with this contest. Thank you, Joe!



One ant can’t.


A classic example comes from Strickland Gillilan (1869-1954). It has also been published under the name “Fleas”:


Lines on the Antiquity of Microbes 






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78 Responses

    • Zachary Dilks

      Zachary Dilks, Austin TX

      “Love Through The Ages”

      She left, bereft

  1. Yvette Beshier

    One Thing People Hate to Admit.

    Yvette Beshier, East Orange, New Jersey


  2. Sathyanarayana

    To rhyme thy writ!
    Search where my wit?
    It’s all in whits…
    oh how to knit?

  3. Yvette Beshier

    Seafood Festival Fun

    Yvette Beshier, East Orange, New Jersey

    Grab, crab.

  4. David Hollywood

    Old Age

    What seasons doth a life gone past?
    As ventures! do they show,
    A body aged, and wisest cast,
    Into an embers glow.

    Past Tomorrows

    Past tomorrows, come and stay,
    Timed pressed presents, gifts today,
    Passing backwards, thoughts that say,
    Gentle times, now gone a way.

    David Hollywood, presently: Villars – sur – Ollon, Switzerland

  5. Carole Mertz

    Carole Mertz lives in Parma, Ohio.

    Title: To the Progeny of a Bi-racial Marriage

    Transcend the blend

  6. Carole Mertz

    Carole Mertz of Parma, Ohio

    Fatigued by a Loquacious Friend

    Gab, grab cab

  7. Dusty Grein

    ~ Oregon State, US ~

    [Broken Trust]
    You lied… I cried,
    then died inside.

    For disambiguation,
    just eschew obfuscation.

  8. Suchitra Das

    Seeds feed needs.

    Uncaged bird;
    Music heard.

    Fremont, CA

  9. C.B. Anderson


    Wrote slow.


    That Ralph
    Was top-shelf.

  10. Amy Foreman

    Amy Foreman of Cascabel, Arizona

    Short Poem Rules

    This sort
    Of sport
    Is short.
    Don’t snort.

    My song,
    So strong,
    Not wrong,
    Or long,

    Is brief
    A chief

    That’s small,
    To all

  11. Amy Foreman

    Amy Foreman of Cascabel, Arizona

    A Parent’s Advice on Winning:

    To my children, on winning:

    Don’t shun
    The one
    My son.

  12. James A. Tweedie

    Unintentional poems I have actually seen.

    A sign in Logan, Utah:

    City Center
    Parking Enter

    A postage cancellation mark from South Australia

    Postage Paid

  13. Jack Michael Dashiell

    Romantic Summary
    When you approach my frequency ascends,
    When you depart it falls and slowly ends.

  14. Joe Tessitore

    Overheard at Ballet Class

    “No, yet!”

  15. Marie-Anna

    fabric hate

    yam yum

    sending again…left out place South Africa

  16. Bernnard Austin

    oh,mysterious time,
    tick tick tick tick…
    you keep singing to our ears,
    Telling us the end is near,

    Bernnard Austin, Lagos, Nigeria

  17. David Watt

    David Watt, Canberra, Australia

    Slow Service

    We ate at eight.
    Too late!

  18. Joe Tessitore

    Since I didn’t know that my example was going to be an entry can I add a second line to it so it reads:

    one ant can’t
    three? maybe

    Joe Tessitore
    New York, NY

  19. Lou Fortunato

    Lou Fortunato, Apex, North Carolina

    My Humor…

    I dribble drivel

  20. Shiny Titus

    Shiny Titus , New York
    Epitome of Love
    “For your embrace
    I forego paradise “

  21. Mutshidzi Kwinda, Eastern Cape, South Africa

    To my cancer scars

    The eloquence, a sign of survival
    Either visible or hidden, you are a symbol of bravery
    The essence, definition of a fighting warrior, a phenomenal
    A knock of a slight oblivious rage-subconscious trickery

    Let the soul pour out a lavish smile of pride
    It is flesh not soul injured, you assured
    From a broken temple, courage and bliss you provide
    A panacea of battles fought and conquered

    To you is hidden a million intriguing reasons why?
    The reason you exist is perplexing yet amusing and greater
    A mark only a warrior can imprint with no shy
    A vanquisher, fighter… A true victor!

    I admire you
    I embrace you

  22. Carmine Jablonsky

    To make or spend
    To earn or burn
    Hunt or feast
    Bliss in the end

  23. Leo Yankevich


    Bang, poof, the devils dance!
    Neither side had a chance.

    Trumpster showed his dukes.
    and Putin sent back nukes.

    —Leo Yankevich, Gliwice, Poland

  24. Leo Yankevich


    Bang, poof, the devils dance!
    Neither side had a chance.

    Trumpster showed his dukes,
    and Putin sent back nukes.

    —Leo Yankevich, Gliwice, Poland

  25. Sathyanarayana

    This tome, a song of holy om;
    a roaming soul’s journey along
    the yonder dome, ov’r ocean foam
    to reach the home, we all belong.
    (This poem is from my book FINDING THE MOTHER , published in 2012)
    Nellore, India

  26. Bruce E. Wren

    Meditation on Aging

    Such amazement
    at where his days went!

  27. Leonard Dabydeen


    Visitor is a critter.

    Wall Tab

    Stick ‘um with gum.

    Leonard Dabydeen, Brampton, Ontario.

  28. Tonya McQuade

    Tonya McQuade, San Jose, CA

    Don’t be a fool;
    School is cool,
    Not your Juul.

    • Jose Rizal M. Reyes

      I’ve stopped smoking for a month or two by now without Juul. 🙂

      But I was wondering earlier today if … I can smoke during my birthday and a month thereafter (being the birthday of my namesake). That means being able to smoke during the said two days each year.

      If you were my fairy godmother, Tonya, would you grant to me those two days when I could enjoy the right and freedom to smoke? It means I wouldn’t still smoke for the rest of the year.

      Jose RMR

      • Jose Rizal M. Reyes

        Please reply quickly. There are only a few hours left in my current birthday. 🙁

      • Tonya McQuade

        If you’re able to limit yourself to those two days a year, then sure, go for it if it makes you happy. Happy Birthday!

      • Jose Rizal M. Reyes

        Too late the heroine. My birthday is over 🙁

        But comes June 19, I’ll consider what you said. I posted my 2 entries right before your first. And you mentioned Juul which I found out is related to smoking. Maybe it was a divine sign … that you have been appointed by Heaven … to decide on the two-day privilege or indulgence … that I was contemplating on. Thanks.

      • Tonya McQuade

        Hi Again – I would not ever encourage you to use heroin, even on your birthday. You asked whether I thought it was okay to smoke a Juul twice a year (at least that’s what I thought you asked). To that, I said go ahead, if you can do so without being addicted. I personally hate any kind of smoking, and a lot of middle and high school students have recently taken to smoking Juuls, thinking they are “cool” and not as bad for them as cigarettes. They can be equally addictive and are a very bad choice, especially for young people – that’s why I wrote the poem I did.

    • Jose Rizal M. Reyes

      Hi Tonya! I don’t know what Juul is. I first met the word in your post. It had a strange, unusual spelling so I looked up for its meaning. My understanding was that it was some sort of a safe substitute substance or something — just like candy or chewing gum, for instance.

      So what I meant was I stopped smoking cigarette for a month or two without the aid or Juul or anything. I simply quit smoking (which I offered to God in exchange for healing my mother who developed a rare disease in her blood vessels.)

      I was thus surprised by your mention of heroine. I have never taken any drugs in all my life … and grew up in a culture where drug addicts … were looked down upon. Cigarette is — or was — my sole vice. I drink very occasionally but I can live without it. But when I do drink, I only enjoy it if … I am smoking. So if I would celebrate my birthday with a drink, for instance, I could only enjoy the drink if I can smoke cigarette at the same time.

  29. Bruce E. Wren

    Meditation on Aging

    So múch amázement
    At whére his dáys went.

    (Variation on first submission; accents added to clarify stressed syllables)

  30. Luke Knutson

    Aurora, Illinois

    Title: A Plea from SAT Questions Twenty-Seven to Thirty-Three


  31. Nathan Evans

    Nathan Evans, Baltimore OH

    “Love Emancipated”
    First Kiss
    Heart’s bliss

    “Waking Nightmare”
    Decaf morn’, forewarn!

  32. Jason Larsen

    The functional way
    Of feng shui

    Jason W Larsen, Connecticut

  33. Dylan R.T. Gibbons, Toronto, ON

    “Discontent from Living in an Ugly City”

    There is no quaint churchyard for which to speak
    Or romantic tumult for which to peek;
    And the only place I can read my Keats
    Is at home, in bed, atop linen sheets.

  34. Adina Wagner

    Adina Wagner, Brunschweig (GER)

    I lived. And died.
    But I tried.

  35. Jack Michael Dashiell

    Romantic Couplet
    For love at first sight, spreading waves begin,
    We most perceive the content, not the skin.


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