As forecast now the sound of her arriving…
That distant rumble from the driveway heard;
A nearer clap, as though the night reviving
Within the rush of breezes freshly stirred

As forecast now, the pleasant calm retreating,
What peace in here, a splendid deaf-and-dumb;
As from the hall, a muted glow, repeating,
Now heralding  the greater one to come…

Another clap, her footstep now approaching
Not far away, if rather long awaited,
Until upon this very room encroaching…
Then suddenly—the night illuminated.


A Philadelphia native, Dave Blanchard has had poetry published in The Sandpaper, Wings of Freedom (the magazine of the Delaware Valley Historical Aircraft Association) and The Schuylkill Valley Journal. He has also authored poems published in the programs of the Volvo Leukemia Cup Regatta. He is a Haverford College graduate and a resident of Drexel Hill, PA.

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2 Responses

  1. Michael Dashiell

    I liked this poem. It seem to address a parallel subject: the arrival of a wife or girlfriend and weather of a summer storm? Was this your intention?

    • Dave Blanchard

      Yes it was…I hope I conveyed how the moment of her return is, like a burst of lightning, always a thrilling surprise however by-now-familiar and anticipated. Thank you, Michael!


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