Ah, now comes the mellow season,
Marks its time with jackdaws caws.
Autumn with its rusty reason
Offers forth its season’s laws.

Now no more the pretty laces,
Florals found along the way.
Brackish forms in darker traces,
Longer shadows, shorter day.

Autumn wears its gown of orange
Trampling out the summer’s green.
Skunks and jays and squirrels forage,
Welcome soon a wintry scene.



Carole Mertz, a professional musician, turned to writing ten years ago. She has recent poems at Indiana Voice Journal, Rockford Review, Kind of a Hurricane Press, Pyrokinection, The Write Place at the Write Time, and in forthcoming anthologies. Her poems won several Wilda Morris Poetry Challenges in 2015. Carole resides with her husband in Parma, OH.

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