By Dan Skorbach

I sit with you the silent moon of May,
After the chores of day are soundly sleeping.
Here, once again, you come to guide the way,
For those who in the night are lost and seeking.

You cross the boundless sky beneath the stars,
And sit so high above the human worries.
With nothing but reflection in my eyes,
I cannot help but tell you all my stories.

Maybe you hear maybe you do not,
But in my mind the thoughts do so abound.
I listen close, but you won’t make a move,
Until these thoughts don’t even make a sound.

It’s like a dream, you step from heavens throne,
And walk with me amidst the midnight gardens.
You tell of what there is and could have been,
And how you see from high above the others.

You leave, and once again we’re both alone,
Alone, we sit submerged in midnight cover.
Your light shines through with solemn power,
And all bad thoughts are now forever gone.


Dan Skorbach is businessman and poet living in Toronto, Canada.

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